News Bursts – Hasbro Moving Factories and the Top Gun license with… Mattel?!

Justin and Chris sit down for a couple of quick “bursts” to talk about some recent news items…

What’s the deal on GeneralsJoes Reborn, and wait– how many times did my wife watch the new Top Gun trailer?!?

Also, some exclusive footage only for Full Force Patreon subscribers… the latest “outtakes” features some truly intriguing insight by me and Chris, only available to those of you who subscribe via Patreon

G.I. Joe: War on COBRA Launches a Sneak Attack

What can I say, I’m a sucker for G.I. Joe licensed media and the latest one to have me captivated is War on COBRA.

First, a disclaimer – G.I. Joe: War on COBRA has not been officially announced or revealed by Hasbro or anyone affiliated. It is currently only available to certain international locations, and appears to be Android only (so far).  Also, this is likely a beta version of the game, so chances that it’s compatible with any of your devices are slim. 

However, G.I. Joe: Battlegrounds started out the same way several years back, so I have no reason to believe War on COBRA won’t be more widely available very shortly. I will say, thanks to an Android emulator on my trusty Surface Pro laptop, I’ve had a chance to play it quite a bit over the past twenty-four hours and it is a ton of fun. Gameplay is very similar to stuff like Command and Conquer: Rivals or Clash of Clans, with some interesting animated design and cartoon-like explosions. Lots of vintage throwbacks (Devilfish and the Skystorm helicopter to name a few) and I think there is some really fun potential to be had here.

Check out the Full Force News Burst I recorded with Chris below, some neat insight into the game play and characters here!

IDW Publishing Prepares for the launch of a brand-new G.I. Joe!

Yes, I’m a little late to the table on this one, what with new G.I. Joe writer Paul Allor sharing plenty of #GIJonday images on his Twitter account, but for anyone who isn’t already aware, IDW Publishing is launching a brand new G.I. Joe title this September!

Looking at things from the perspective of COBRA ruling the world, this new series sees the G.I. Joe team taking to the streets, fighting back against the power of COBRA Commander and the ruling class. So far, the designs look like a lot of fun, taking some obvious cues from the vintage looks, but adding a nice little twist to things.

The ashcan has also been released, which has revealed the first few pages of the comic. It’s available for Pre-Order now through Diamond and your favorite comic stores, so show some support for G.I. Joe… by the sounds of things, they’re up against a wall!

Check out some of the images below, and follow Paul Allor on Twitter for some of the latest reveals.

Five-Page Preview (Courtesy of Westfield Comics)

Images shared via #GIJonday

GeneralsJoes – Reborn!

Well, it’s been an interesting several months, I’ll give you that.

To tell the truth, I’ve written this post many times since last August, and deleted it many times, simply because I’m a bit stubborn and reluctant to accept defeat.  And to a point, when it comes to GeneralsJoes, I’ve had to (temporarily) accept defeat.

A few years back, I accepted an offer from the owner of YoJoe to host GeneralsJoes on their infrastructure to reduce hosting fees, and also agreed to a small monthly stipend for the immense amount of work that goes into writing the reviews and posting news.

Well, without getting in the muck too deep, the monthly stipend never really materialized fully and while I was happy to let GeneralsJoes live on the YoJoe servers, it didn’t save me a whole lot of work or money in the long run.

Fast forward to last year, when YoJoe was bought by a new corporation– who promptly cut off all FTP access.

For anyone who isn’t in the know, without FTP access I essentially cannot upload images, download images, or access much of my old content.  GeneralsJoes is, essentially, stuck in its current state.  I cannot migrate it to my own host, I cannot post new reviews, I cannot post new blogs or news stories (at least if I want to include images).

I have repeatedly sent requests for this access to be restored and have been basically told “sorry”.  It is what it is.

But my purpose here isn’t to talk crap about the new YoJoe owners, my purpose here is to start “fresh” (or as fresh as possible).  With a new mobile game incoming, movie news starting to flutter to the surface, and frequent podcast updates with The Full Force, I have decided to “reboot” GeneralsJoes so to speak.  All of the archival data will remain at the old URL (in the menu up above for helpful navigation) but I’ll be posting as much new content here at GeneralsJoesReborn as possible.  Will it ever be as frequent or as current as GeneralsJoes was back in the day?  Probably not, but I’m going to have some fun with it anyway.

Stay tuned… definitely more to come!


New G.I. Joe Concept Art an indication of upcoming mobile game?

Maybe I’m jumping the gun here, but big thanks to skinny on Twitter who pointed me in the direction of a concept artist named Juan Richard Feliz, who has posted some very interesting Visual Development art for a mystery project entitled G.I. Joe Squads.  There is no real information about what this is for (whether it’s even work-for-hire professional work or his own experiments) but judging by other work throughout the site, he seems to be a concept artist for mobile and video games.

Several pieces of art are visible, including some really great, fun looking concepts for characters like Duke, Deep Six, Scarlett, Doc, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, COBRA Commander, Destro, Zarana, Baroness, Serpentor, and a COBRA B.A.T.  Not sure about anyone else, but these designs are kinda right up my alley.

There are also some images of backdrops or scenery, which also seems to lend credence to the fact that these may be video game or mobile game related.  Check out all of the nifty concept art over at Juan Richard Feliz’s website, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.  Cool stuff, be interesting to see what (if anything) comes of it.

What’s on Joe Mind jumps back into the pool!

It’s been a little while since the fine folks of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast have blessed the G.I. Joe community with their presence, and in the past few months, a few things have changed with WOJM.

I’m thrilled to report, though, that the WOJM crew is BACK and bringing fresh audio gold to the masses.  Mike is joined by cosplay master Joe Colton and 3DJoes mastermind Carson, tossing out two brand-spanking new episodes!  One of them recaps the final JoeCon and the second is from the floor of Ohio Toy & Comic Show.  It’s fantastic to hear the guys (and girls) of WOJM back and you should absolutely give them a listen.  Also, make sure you’re following along on Facebook for the latest news and info about the podcast!

What’s on Joe Mind 2018 JoeCon Wrap Up Show

What’s on Joe Mind Ohio Toy & Comic Show Spectacular

Once again – fantastic to see everyone back behind the microphone, check out the latest episodes right here and now!  Good stuff from the fine folks at What’s on Joe Mind.

Marauder “Agency Ops” first samples are blowing my mind

Can I just say what an awesome time it is to be a 1:18 scale action figure junkie?  I mean seriously.

I see G.I. Joe fans gnashing their teeth about no Joes at retail, but holy cow when I see stuff like this, suddenly it’s not so painful.

Marauder is over in China at the moment, and I gotta believe he pulled these samples straight from the factory, and I am SO glad he did.  I don’t know if I could be any more in love with four inch pieces of plastic than I am right now.  Just a simple dude in a t-shirt with elbow pads and a pistol is knocking me out.  I want these.  Like nowish.

Check out the Marauder “Gun Runners” Facebook Page, and take a peek at the mirrored images below, though fair warning – they may cause blood loss to your brain.  If you feel it for four hours or more, go see a doctor.

Spoiler alert – Figure Subscription Service 7.0 Shipment 2 is arriving in mailboxes

Wow, seems like shipment one just barely arrived.

Well, when you figure the Collectors Club has five short months to roll out two FSS’s, plus the extra 12 bonus figures, I guess they’d better move at a pretty quick pace.

As usual, JE Russel received his figures first (it pays to live close to the Club’s home office, I suppose), and I’m posting them below the “READ MORE” link below to preserve spoilers for those who are into those kinds of things.


Super 7 reveals SDCC exclusive G.I. Joe T-Shirts

Another announcement of an SDCC exclusive non-action figure oriented G.I. Joe item came yesterday with Super 7 revealing that they’re producing two t-shirts with a G.I. Joe theme.

The fact that Super 7 is doing Joe shirts isn’t necessarily new news, they’ve had several for sale on their website for quite a while.  That being said, if Hasbro was ever considering them for producing toys similar to how they’re working on Masters of the Universe Classics consider this my official endorsement.  😀

The SDCC exclusive shirts should be available at booth #4945 and you can see the images below.  Thanks to Diana for posting this info to the G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook.