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Hasbro Pulse Premium Members – G.I. Joe: Classified up for pre-order

Hasbro Pulse Premium Members – G.I. Joe: Classified up for pre-order

For those of you who are members of Hasbro Pulse Premium, you can pre-order Scarlett, Duke, and Roadblock on the Hasbro Pulse Toy Fair page now. The approximate ship date is June 1st, according to the listings.

Pre-orders should be open to the public by 4:00pm Eastern.

Another cool part of this is there are a bunch of awesome new images available, too. Check those out below.

G.I. Joe: Classified news recap – Duke image revealed

G.I. Joe: Classified news recap – Duke image revealed

So I came out of the gates hard yesterday morning with the G.I. Joe: Classified info revealed by IGN but my workday schedule was such that I didn’t really get a chance (at least not here) to talk about the inadvertent reveal from later in the day, courtesy of and HISSTank.

The upcoming G.I. Joe: Classified 6″ Duke has officially been revealed.

And I’ll tell you what– as someone who isn’t real crazy about Duke, this figure is probably my favorite of the first four revealed. A nice blend of military and sci-fi, some obvious throwbacks to his old school designs, and a weapon that is laser-based, yet still resembles more realistic military weaponry.

Good stuff and a nice further springboard into Toy Fair news later today.

EDIT – Packaged and Press Photo now available!

G.I. Joe: Classified  Scarlett and Roadblock revealed by IGN

G.I. Joe: Classified Scarlett and Roadblock revealed by IGN

It’s Toy Fair week! has blown the lid off the new upcoming G.I. Joe: Classified 6″ line this morning, revealing first looks at Scarlett and Roadblock, as well as official images of Snake Eyes which was leaked earlier this week.

Simply put – I’m ecstatic.

I can already anticipate a flurry of complaints about the figures not being 100% authentic to the vintage designs, but I gotta say, I love this direction. Taking inspiration from the classics, but with some great updates, these figures look collector friendly and fun.

Hasbro Pulse has currently listed the pre-order for Snake Eyes and according to IGN, both Scarlett and Roadblock will be available for pre-order tomorrow.

Also, Hasbro Pulse has a great video up looking at the process behind the design of Snake Eyes and his packaging and it’s chock full of awesome detail.

Don’t look now, but 2020 is off to a great G.I. Joe start, and I’m sure there will be a lot more fun stuff to see tomorrow at Toy Fair!

G.I. Joe: Classified 6″ Snake Eyes Loose Images

G.I. Joe: Classified 6″ Snake Eyes Loose Images

The floodgates are officially open. Since the first reports of images from what appear to be a G.I. Joe: Classified “Convention Set” Snake Eyes, loose images have started flooding the Internet from many different sources.

These images show Snake Eyes loose with the vast arsenal of ninja-oriented weaponry as well as the functionality of the weapon rack, and a better look at the awesome package art (including a glimpse of what appear to be Alley-Vipers!).

As one might expect – I love what I’m seeing here.

Yes, my love of G.I. Joe was born in the 80’s with the 3 3/4″ Real American Hero line, but was also ignited by the 8″ Sigma 6 line in 2005 and the partner 2.5″ line alongside that one. I’ve loved 12″ figures as well. Safe to say, as long as the toys are fun and bring something new to the table, I’m a fan.

An early look at Snake Eyes seems to confirm this.

While the figure is obviously strongly inspired by the 1985 knight visor version of the figure, there are some great additions to it, including more military style pants, some sort of layered body armor and other very cool twists to the familiar design.

There’s a lot to love here, and if this is an indication of what we’ll be seeing with the G.I. Joe: Classified line going forward, I think I’m going to be a very, very happy camper.

G.I. Joe Classified 6″ First Look – Yes they are real and they are spectacular

G.I. Joe Classified 6″ First Look – Yes they are real and they are spectacular

At least I can only assume so based on the images that have leaked online of what appears to be an upcoming G.I. Joe: Classified Convention Set.

The images feature a 6″ Ninja Commando Snake Eyes (based strongly on his 1985 iteration) with a wide assortment of weapons, including his signature sword and Uzi, as well as what appears to potentially be a weapons rack or ornamentation of some sort.

These images were first revealed (or at least I first saw them) over on The Full Force Facebook Page where you will see tons more news and info over Toy Fair weekend coming up in a few days. The images apparently initially surfaced over on the Toy Jaeger Facebook page.

Check out the images below and get hyped!

Welcome to Toy Fair Week!

Welcome to Toy Fair Week!

I gotta say, it feels good to type those words. It seems like a very long time since there was something G.I. Joe-wise to look forward to at Toy Fair, but this year promises to turn that all around.

You’ll notice that the main page of GeneralsJoesReborn has undergone a minor facelift as we work towards the Hasbro Collector’s Event next Saturday. The countdown clock you see above expires at 1:30pm, which is when the Hasbro Collectors Event begins, but please keep in mind, the latest show room images may not be posted until later that evening.

While I am not able to travel to New York next weekend myself, Chris from The Full Force will be there in my stead, representing both GeneralsJoes and The Full Force podcast, so you know we’ll get some fantastic photo and video coverage live from NYC as soon as humanly possible. You’ll want to be sure to follow:

  1. GeneralsJoes on Facebook
  2. The Full Force on Facebook
  3. GeneralsJoes on Twitter
  4. The Full Force on Twitter

I expect to see some news about the G.I. Joe: Classified six inch line, the anticipated Snake Eyes movie line(s), and perhaps even more. While Jazwares news likely will not hit alongside the Hasbro stuff on Saturday, I’m sure more of that intel will be available throughout the weekend and into the following week as the official Toy Fair kicks off.

Regardless of what we see, the anticipation itself is a breath of fresh air and I find myself extremely excited to await the reports from the presentation and the showroom tour next weekend.

Good stuff coming in a week, and fantastic stuff coming for 2020, look forward to sharing it all with you!