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Jim Sorenson to release G.I. Joe Animation Model book this summer

See, THIS is why fans of a property should be excited about a “movie year” even if they’re not necessarily excited about the movie.  When G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hit theaters, obviously not many folks enjoyed it, but what they didn’t really understand was that the movie release paved the way for a lot of other cool things they may not have gotten otherwise (like G.I. Joe: Resolute, for instance).

Looks like the same could be true this summer!  Over on his blog, Disciples of Boltax, Jim Sorenson reveals that he is currently working on a G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero animation model book, with hopes to release it this summer.  He reveals that there has been an unusually large number of animation model sheets out there, and seems enthusiastic and optimistic that the book will be chock full of cool things for Joe fans to enjoy.

Transformers fans will likely recognize Sorenson from his work on the various Transformers AllSpark Almanacs and Addendums, and if we get the same attention to detail and presentation as those books offer, this should be a great one to add to your G.I. Joe library!

Check out the blog right here, and also you European fans, Jim Sorenson will be attending Roll Out Roll Call 3, so hit him up there and find out the skinny on his upcoming book.  I’m looking forward to it!

Flag Points podcast posts Episode 17 featuring Neil Ross!

For those of you folks who don’t know who Neil Ross is, you only have to watch some of the Sunbow cartoon, and you’re almost guaranteed to hear his voice.  Mr. Ross voiced the infamous Shipwreck, one of the most polarizing and popular characters from the 80’s G.I. Joe mythology!

The guys at Flag Points took some time and spoke with Neil, and it was a terrific conversation!  Getting some behind the scenes intel from the voice cast has been one of the highlights of doing the podcast for myself, and this was a great get for Flag Points.  The conversation is awesome and is a must listen for Joe fans.

Check it out at their Podbean page!

Sunbow Awesomeness courtesy of new G.I. Joe fansite

Well, the site is new, but the guy behind it has been around for a long while.  David Thornton was the brains behind Quick Kick’s Theatre, one of the classic Joe sites from a bygone era, focusing attention on the Sunbow animated series.  He migrated to, but then took a little break from the online Joe community for a bit to focus on other ventures.
Well, Mr. Thornton has jumped back into the Joe community with a splash, launching a fantastic site at!
As part of this new series launch, we get an awesome glimpse at a storyboard for an unused opening for the second season of the Sunbow animated series!  A fantastic glimpse into the production process.  Check that out right here.
Very cool, and a site worth bookmarking.  Check back often.

Awesome tribute from G.I. Joe: Renegades episodes 4 & 5

Shame on me for not noticing this earlier, but a huge thanks to “Mac” a GeneralsJoes commenter who set me straight.  I know a lot of folks have been focusing on how cool it is that the Renegades production team are including Michael Bell and BJ Ward (who voiced Duke and Scarlett in the original Sunbow series) as parents to the Renegades Duke.
Well, that’s not the first Sunbow tribute we’ve seen in Renegades.  In fact, just in the past “The Return of the Arashikage” 2-parter, if you thought you recognized the Hard Master’s voice, that’s because you probably did.  He was played by Keone Young, who was none other than Storm Shadow himself in the original Sunbow series!
THAT is awesome.  Kudos to the folks behind G.I. Joe: Renegades for working these terrific tributes into the show.

One Day Only – Awesome deal on full series Sunbow "footlocker" set!

Shame on me, I’d never heard of, but apparently they have daily deals at pretty damn good prices.
Right now, on their subpage, they’ve got the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Footlocker “full series” set from Shout! Factory on sale for an astounding $75!  That’s 50% off what normal retail price were when it launched.
Check it out right here and pick one up while it lasts!
If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth the cash, you can also check out my mammoth review of the full series set here.

Awesome Sunbow related high end auctions up for bids

Now, most of this stuff is going to go way over my pay grade…but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out.
Noted Sunbow G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero writer Ron Friedman has posted a number of his personal items to the Heritage Auction site…now just because most of us won’t be able to afford this stuff doesn’t mean we can’t look at the awesome pictures.  The images aren’t huge, but show some neat glimpses at character sheets, and my favorite is the Zartan image that has him labeled “Capt. Chameleon”.  Awesome.
Check out the auctions right here.
Thanks to Steevy Maximus from for the intel!