Dime Novel Legends – Gear and Accessory Sets

These figures and accessories are currently available at SmallJoes.com.

Along with the individual figures and the Buckaroos, there are a few separate Gear Sets and Accessory sets to compliment your favorite Dime Novel Legends figures.

Boot Hill Loot – Accessory Packs

Raid the Armory – Gear Packs

Western Weapons Pack and Others

As with other elements of the Dime Novel Legends assortments, these are very nicely designed, and even for folks who aren’t into the Wild West, there are some great potential diorama accessories here, including beer bottles, glasses of beer (with removable beer!!).

If I had any complaints, the belts and holsters are a bit of a challenge to fasten, it took some work and a very tiny screwdriver to sort of ease the peg through the hole, but I’m not sure how you would even get around that with an accessory the size of the belts.

Still, a lot to love here.

Dime Novel Legends – Buckaroos

These figures are currently available at SmallJoes.com.

The Buckaroos are similar to the Vitruvian HACKS “Blanks” figures only they have some minimal paint applications (unlike the Blanks) so they can be utilized more or less out of the box for putting together interesting combinations of parts without adding paint to the base figure.

Ultimately slightly less versatility than the Blanks, but a more straight forward template for those not interested in painting their figures.

The figures can be easily disassembled by unscrewing the back screw, separating the torso and removing the torso and arms.

When you’re dealing with most any disassembly especially the legs from the hip sockets USE HOT WATER OR A HAIR DRYER to keep the plastic soft, or you risk breakage.

This is not a defect of the figure. Those joints must be tight to maintain articulation, and sometimes those joints freeze or the material requires softening to loosen up.


Along with the Buckaroos, there’s a five-pack “Headhunters” set which gives you some assorted heads for either these figures, or for customizing the normal figures.


At the end of the day, the options become almost limitless (especially once you slide in all those great Gear and Accessory Packs).

Awesome news coming out of PowerCon

Awesome news coming out of PowerCon

Yeah, I’m writing about dudes in furry shorts. Get over it. 😀

One of the great things about running your own action figure blog is you can talk about whatever action figure properties you want (which you’ll see again hopefully later this week…)

Over the weekend, PowerCon happened out in California and anyone who knows me knows along with G.I. Joe (and Transformers) I have a passion for Masters of the Universe. The first action figure I ever remember buying was not G.I. Joe, after all– it was Skeletor. Granted, Flash and COBRA came shortly thereafter, but Skeletor was my first real introduction to action figure “collecting”. I still remember asking my dad for Castle Grayskull for my birthday and being convinced it was merely a pipe dream, only to come home from school one day and sit on my bed to find that it had arrived in the mail and mom had hidden it under my covers.

Now, unlike G.I. Joe, I loved Masters of the Universe in spite of itself. I loved it more for what I viewed it could be. I didn’t really like the Filmation animated series, and while I enjoyed the concepts of the figures, I didn’t love the toys themselves. Kinda weird, huh? Yeah, I lived and died by those little mini-comics that hinted at a much more serious, sci-fi/fantasy blended world that went much deeper and cooler than the weekday afternoon 22 minute animated fare possibly could.

So, needless to say, once I finally bought my first Masters of the Universe Classics figure, I was hooked, and I know own several others (as well as Grayskull and most of the vehicles).

I’m drawing the line at Snake Mountain, though. Really, I am.

For this reason, I tend to pay attention to the Mattel/Super 7 news at various conventions and was pretty excited to see that Mattel themselves is bringing MOTU back to retail.

In all honesty, I likely won’t buy these – MOTU Classics fills that void nicely already, but I’m thrilled that they’re taking steps to get MOTU back in front of mass retail. That’s a good thing.

At PowerCon this weekend, not only did they reveal a new comic series and new mini-figures, but they also announced a new Battlecat coming with that MOTU Origins line. Not to mention more Super 7 Conan figures and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures based on the animated designs were also discussed.

But most important of all, they announced a new Netflix Anime Series! I am all sorts of fired up for this one. Kevin Smith is involved (a fact that already has fans riled up), but my understanding is the same animation company that produced Castlevania is producing this as well, which is a very cool thing.

Anyway, lots to digest. For a guy who is feeling like he already has way too much stuff there seems to be more and more cool things on the way. It continues to be a great time to be a geek. Get all the latest news on PowerCon over on Pixel Dan’s YouTube channel as well as on the Masters of the Universe Facebook Page.

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Movie News Round Up

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Movie News Round Up

I knew when I got GeneralsJoes fired back up a couple of weeks back, that news for the upcoming G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes film would start hitting hard, and I wasn’t disappointed.

In the past week, I’ve talked to Chris at The Full Force several times regarding updates to the Snake Eyes movie, everything from BS casting news to Henry Golding’s rumored casting, to the return of Robert Schwentke and the assembling of the full production team, preparing to leap into the fray.

Much of this news comes from Silver Optimus at HISSTank.com and I’ve spent quite a while addressing the news with Chris at The Full Force.

The outstanding question really remains – what do we make of all of this? Is this really happening? Is a new G.I. Joe film on the horizon? If so, how will it resemble the brand as we know it?

The first question that comes up is Henry Golding. It seems a done deal that he’s a part of the G.I. Joe cast, but is he Snake Eyes as many online outlets are assuming? Or could he be Storm Shadow? Does it really matter?

Image courtesy of BossLogic

Golding is a potential emerging star, and having him involved in the film is a good thing, in my eyes, though the potential of him being Snake Eyes has already caused a bit of a fandom furor, not just because Snake Eyes has traditionally been seen as Caucasian, but because his nature as an “outsider” among the Arashikage clan is a large part of his character development arc. I think he can still be an outsider if Golding portrays him, my larger question is, why would they cast an emerging star like Golding in a role that (one would assume) has him eventually wearing a mask for 90% of the time.

Unless, of course, they’re going to drastically alter the Snake Eyes mythology even more than one might think.

Lots of really cool elements to dissect for sure, and I’m thinking I got GeneralsJoes fired back up just in time. Regardless of who Henry Golding plays, who is directing the film, and how things are shaking out, I’m pretty excited to have something new to talk about. Definitely check out the Full Force News Bursts below to hear me and Chris hash some of these things out.