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These figures and accessories are currently available at

Along with the individual figures and the Buckaroos, there are a few separate Gear Sets and Accessory sets to compliment your favorite Dime Novel Legends figures.

Boot Hill Loot – Accessory Packs

Raid the Armory – Gear Packs

Western Weapons Pack and Others

As with other elements of the Dime Novel Legends assortments, these are very nicely designed, and even for folks who aren’t into the Wild West, there are some great potential diorama accessories here, including beer bottles, glasses of beer (with removable beer!!).

If I had any complaints, the belts and holsters are a bit of a challenge to fasten, it took some work and a very tiny screwdriver to sort of ease the peg through the hole, but I’m not sure how you would even get around that with an accessory the size of the belts.

Still, a lot to love here.