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Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter reveals tentative price list and figure release

Now, this is, I would imagine, subject to change, but at this point, the folks from Fresh Monkey Fiction have revealed the initial price list and stretch goal layout for their upcoming Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter!

This is a very helpful step, letting some enthusiastic fans plan ahead and start saving those essential funds needed to support what looks to be an amazingly fun Kickstarter initiative!  They released the information on their Facebook page, but you can also check it out below.

If you’re going to be at ComicCon this weekend, be sure to stop by booth E10, Row 600 and pick the brains of the Fresh Monkey Fiction folks.  Bill will also be helping out with a panel about Kickstarting action figures!  All of this information (and more) can be found on the Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page, so “Like” that bad boy and stay all up to date on the latest news on the upcoming Eagle Force resurgence!

Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Expectations

Captain Eagle
Captain Eagle – Classic Gold
General Brown
Sgt Bullbog
Stryker Jr
Eagle Force Officer (Army Builder)
Eagle Force Trooper (Bulldog Brigade Army Builder)
RIOT Commando (Army Builder)
RIOT Commando Arctic Assault (Army Builder)
RIOT Trooper (Army Builder)
Riot Firebug (Army Builder)
Barron Von Chill II
RIOT Pilot (Army Builder)
Eagle Island
Eagle Force Glider
RIOT Trooper – Army Builder Set of 4
RIOT Commando – Army Builder Set of 4
Eagle Force Trooper (Bulldog Brigade) – Army Builder Set of 4
Eagle Force Officer – Army Builder Set of 4
Riot Firebug – Army Builder Set of 4
RIOT Commando Winter – Army Builder Set of 4
RIOT Pilot – Army Builder Set of 4
16 Figure Assortment – All 16 figures
16 Figure Deluxe Assortment – All 16 figures, Playsets, Trading Cards
ALL IN- Figure Package – All 25 figures (Including Stretch goals)
ALL IN- Deluxe Package – All 25 figures (Including Stretch goals) Playsets, Trading Cards

Stretch goals

Eagle Force Trooper – Black (Army Builder)
Takedown’s Thunder Unit (Army Builder)
Count Von Chill
Ultima Thule
The Cat

Both ALL IN sets includes a free extra exclusive unannounced ALL IN figure, that you can ONLY get with the ALL IN set IF we fund all our stretch goals.

Standard figures = $20
Army Builder sets 4 figures = $70
All In = 25 Figures – $450
Deluxe All In = 25 Figures + Eagle Island + Glider – $700

Prices are rough estimates for now and listed for United States , International costs will be higher. Prices do not include shipping.


GI JOE convention exclusives, 1:18 scale military armor and aircraft!


Hello, all. We wanted to let you know about some fairly unique, harder-to-find items recently stocked here at SMALLJOES. First, we’ve added a large selection of GI JOE convention exclusive figures 2002 – 2016. Next, we’ve listed a large collection of boxed 1:18 scale military aircraft and armor. Take a look below for the details!




Looking to add some GI JOE convention exclusive figures to your collection? Listed now are nearly 200 figures that were exclusively sold by the GI JOE Collector’s Club at the yearly conventions from 2002 – 2016. All of these were very limited in their production runs and have never had any retail release. Don’t forget to check out our big selection of Figure Subscription Service carded figures. A nice selection is available from FSS 1 – FSS 4.




We’ve acquired for resale a large collection of 1:18 scale aircraft and armor. These are all from the familiar, beloved brands 21st Century Toys, BBI / Elite Force, Admiral Toys, JSI, etc. Unfortunate economic realities have caused production of these large, beautiful, and highly detailed models to cease but if you’re missing something from your collection you are likely to find it among the nearly 200 items we have listed.

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