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GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS Billy and Interrogator

I know, I know… it’s about damn time!  Yes, yes it is.  But, the way I look at it is we waited over 30 friggen years for a Billy figure, what’s another couple of weeks to get the review done?

But it is done!  I’ve got full blown text reviews as well as YouTube video reviews all polished off for both Billy and the Interrogator, two characters that are very near and dear to me, and two characters I was greatly looking forward to.  One of them mostly meets my expectations, while the other falls a little short.

You’ll never guess what happens next!

Is that Clickbaity enough?  Anyway, hit up the G.I. Joe Collectors Club review page, or click the direct links below.


Guard your mailboxes… Pythona is coming!

It only makes sense that within the furious whirlwind of G.I. Joe news over the past week, Pythona’s arrival would make its way in there somewhere.

Over on HissTank a G.I. Joe Collectors Club member from Florida reveals that his 2016 incentive Pythona arrived in his mailbox.  Keep your eyes out, everyone!  Between this, possible ComicCon reveals, and JoeCon about 10 days away, business is about to pick up!

GeneralsJoes and the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention

It’s hard to believe, but as I sit here, we’re looking at less than two weeks until the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention in Loveland, Colorado, and the final Fun Publications event.  With their license with Hasbro expiring at the end of the year, this is the last time Fun Pub will gather the G.I. Joe faithful for one last, exciting gasp.

Without hesitation, I’ve said time and again that the annual JoeCon is far and away my favorite weekend of the year.  Even if Hasbro wasn’t there, even if there were no convention exclusives, it’s an extended weekend of fun with friends, some of which are people I consider my closest friends in my life.  As of ten days from now, this will be happening for the final time.  Regardless of what Hasbro does going forward, the annual pilgrimage to JoeCon was a unique event and something that I’ve relished every single year.

I regret that this year I will not be able to repeat that pilgrimage.  Due to many different real life obligations, most of which center around a somewhat unexpected job change in March, I will not be able to make the trip to Loveland, Colorado this year to share the final JoeCon with everyone.  This was not a decision I made lightly, and I tried very hard to find a way to make it even for the weekend itself, but unfortunately it was just not meant to be.

So it is with a mixture of great sadness and excitement that I look forward towards the G.I. Joe Convention in Loveland, Colorado and wish everyone the best of luck in their travels and hope you all have a terrific time, as I always have.

I will be there in spirit, and I’ll be covering the news as best I can from halfway across the country.

Hopefully this convention isn’t “good-bye”, it’s just a “see you later”.  There are plenty of exciting regional events throughout the country, and maybe without the annual trek to JoeCon, folks can figure out a way to make it to one of those…they are certainly worth the trip.

Enjoy, all.  See you later.