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Eagle Force Returns Trading Card Set Kickstarter is live

A very cool surprise this Sunday morning as Fresh Monkey Fiction has announced a Kickstarter for a very cool looking Eagle Force Returns trading card set.

With an exceedingly affordable $5.00 buy in (for a set of the cards in digital format only) to very awesome exclusive metal cards, this looks like a really fun way to get well versed in your Eagle Force history before the actual action figure Kickstarter goes live this summer.

Terrific artwork, both vintage and modern from original Eagle Force artist Paul Kirchner, plus a chance for a signed card an an exclusive reveal of a NEW figure for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.  Join me in supporting this great endeavor.  I’m getting pretty fired up for Eagle Force this summer, and this is a great way to get involved in the brand and get an idea of the history behind it.


Reminder – Vitruvian HACKS Eternal Struggle 2 Pack On Sale now!

It’s Sunday and it’s New Jersey Collectors Con day, which means for the first time ever, the Vitruvian HACKS Eternal Struggle 2-Pack is now on sale!

Go to to grab your set, only $49.99 with the fantastic Ringneck Gorgon and bad ass looking translucent Spartan.

Also, if you’re at NJCC, make sure you grab yourself an Ultimate Spartan.  They’re on sale at the show today, along with a great selection of the first series of Vitruvian HACKS as well.  Go get ’em!