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Kindle Worlds Fan Vote – Who are these people?

As I run around stumping for Whisper in the Kindle Worlds fan vote, I see my bud Fred from JoeBattleLines point something out…and I feel pretty stupid for not being on top of it yesterday when the vote was announced.

Yes, I want everyone to vote for my character. Of course I do. Who wouldn’t want a G.I. Joe figure based off of someone they created? But more importantly, the great thing about this fan vote is that no matter who wins, there will be a NEW character in the G.I. Joe mythology, which is something that doesn’t happen often. So who are these characters?

You can obviously go to the Hasbro Pulse site and read all of their bio’s, but those only scratch the surface. If you really want to know who they are, you need to read the books, plain and simple.

Jim Beard
Character: Adventure Team Marcus
Book: Mystery of the Sunken Tomb


Bill Nedrow
Character: Stilleto
Book: G.I. Joe: Body Count


Troy Osgood
Character: Blackjack
Book: G.I. Joe: Brainstorm


Justin Bell
Character: Whisper
Books: The Price of Peace: Snakebite


Keep in mind that each author put a piece of themselves into these new characters, and you should all do yourselves a favor and figure out who these characters are.

Then you can vote Whisper. 😀

Hasbro Pulse Kindle Worlds Fan Vote is LIVE!

The time has come G.I. Joe fans, but time is short!  For ONE WEEK ONLY you can sign up at Hasbro Pulse and vote for your favorite Kindle Worlds character to be made into an actual Hasbro produced G.I. Joe action figure!


Four great new characters have been created by some talented Kindle Worlds authors and this is your chance to tell Hasbro which one you want made.


Jim Beard, Troy Osgood, Bill Nedrow and yours truly have all submitted characters to the contest, and all of us are excited for the chance for our characters to debut in action figure form.  No matter who wins, the fans will be the ultimate victor.

But only if you VOTE WHISPER.

In all seriousness, I’ve talked to each one of these other authors, and we’ve all put in some hard work developing cool characters in fun stories that hopefully G.I. Joe fans love.  I’ll be pulling for everyone.

Psst…  vote Whisper.

Check out the awesome Robert Atkins artwork below and check out all of the character filecards and art at the Hasbro Pulse website.

Best of luck to everyone!

But only if they vote Whisper.

As an added bonus – By the way, for anyone who might consider this an incentive…  I have written a very special edition follow up Dio-Story designed to take place after the events in Darkness Falls!

This special dio-story will be a direct continuation from Darkness Falls and will feature Whisper herself!  If the figure gets chosen by the Fan Vote, you can look forward to seeing that exciting Dio-Story here on!

Thank you all!