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Boss Fight Studio reveals Ultimate Spartan NJCC Exclusive

Lots of news coming out of New Jersey Collectors Con today!  Not only did we see the first reveal of the Marauder Task Force “Valkyries”, but we also hear that the Kickstarter will launch tomorrow!

Along with this, Boss Fight Studio has revealed a special NJCC Exclusive “Ultimate Spartan” figure!  This figure will come with a wide assortment of accessories in gold deco, and a special “battle worn” deco.  It’s an amazing looking figure.  Check out some of the images below, courtesy of John from and Craig from the Boss Fighters Facebook Group.



First look at concept art for Marauder Task Force “Valkyries”

The Valkyries have been getting teased for a short while, although until now, nobody really knew what the Valkyrie project was.  Since Valkyries are legendary female warriors, I think most folks figured it would be a female buck for the Marauder Task Force line, and it looks like most folks were right!

Today at New Jersey Collectors Con, Boss Fight Studio and Marauder themselves are in attendance (so stop reading this and GO TO CHERRY HILL, NJ!) and they have revealed the first concept art of the Valkyrie project!  Pretty exciting stuff.’s Facebook Page has posted the first images, and I’m pretty excited.  Not only are there some new female bucks, but there are plenty of great new weapons that will work for all figures, and there looks to be a new male figure as well.  The male figure has rolled up sleeves, a great looking armored torso and what appear to be different legs.

Keep in mind this is all concept art, so things could certainly change, but we’re definitely off on the right track here.  Check out the mirrored images below, and if you’re anywhere near Cherry Hill, NJ, make your way to NJCC.  I’ve been there before, and it’s a blast.