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Addendum posted to Revoltech “Revolmini” Solid Snake review

I posted my review of the recently released Revoltech “Revolmini” Solid Snake a couple of weeks ago, but admittedly I wasn’t really sure exactly what the curiously shaped white object that came with the figure was.

Well, within moments of posting the review, I was thoroughly educated, and I’ve posted some new images and details in the Revolmini Review.

Essentially you can take off Solid Snake’s face and use the tool to change his eyes.

Yes, you read that right.  You can take off Solid Snake’s face.  Totally not creepy.

Actually, yeah, it’s pretty creepy.  Check out the review right here, but don’t look too long at Snake’s faceless husk, it’ll haunt your dreams.


Coil Con V Exclusive “Shrike” Card Art Revealed!

It’s officially September, which means the fifth annual Coil Con is on the immediate horizon!  Hitting the midwest September 13th, this year’s Convention promises to be a lot of fun for collectors and fans of all ages.

This year’s Coil Con exclusive set crosses the pond, as Coil Operative “Shrike” plans his next nefarious plot.  We revealed the first painted sample of the figure right on and below you can see the card art, lovingly crafted by Andrew Hall, Eric Gradberg, and James Kavanaugh, Jr.!

COIL Con V will take place from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday, September 13. This year’s convention has moved indoors to the Indianapolis Wyndham hotel. For anyone thinking of making the trip in from out of town, it’s mere minutes from the Indianapolis airport and there are rooms available with a special Convention rate ($99/night) for Friday and Saturday night.

Be sure to check out the club’s site,, and the COIL Con Facebook page for more information!