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Fresh Monkey Fiction Amazing Heroes Kickstarter… and something on the horizon?

I know there has been a lot of Kickstarter talk with both Marauder and Vitruvian HACKS taking over conversation for a good few months, but there is a pretty cool action figure Kickstarter campaign currently going on right now from the folks at Fresh Monkey Fiction.

Fans of action figures in the 80s will no doubt appreciate the cool retro feel of the figures, and they’ve done a great job tapping into the wealth of public domain comic and pulp heroes over the past several years. They’ve got a little ways to go still to reach their goal, but it’s a really neat concept, and I’m going to toss some support their way.

Almost as interesting as the current project, though, is that they have something else on the horizon… something that might just be up a G.I. Joe fan’s alley. Earlier today, the Fresh Monkey Fiction folks Tweeted an image at me:


I questioned them on it a bit, and got the following Tweet in response:

Now that’s certain to catch some attention. What do you think? Check out the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter and then stay tuned, looks like more fun stuff is set to follow it!

Transformers Club Exclusive with a G.I. Joe theme confirmed for reveal Thursday 8/14

When the Transformers Club mentioned on Twitter that they were going to reveal an exclusive item that would “send shockwaves across fandoms” I think we all assumed that it would be some sort of G.I. Joe/Transformers offering. Well, that certainly seems to be the case, as the Transformers Collectors Club posted the following on their website:

Our second Club exclusive will be revealed on Thursday, August 14th. This figure is like nothing the TCC has ever offered before and next Thursday can’t get here soon enough! This is not your average Joe’s kind of exclusive though, as it will reach fans from more than one franchise! Who is this mystery second exclusive? Stay tuned and while you wait, if you are not a TCC member YET, head on over to the Club store and purchase your membership TODAY! Don’t wait…Join Now

“Not your average Joe’s kind of exclusive”? Heh.

Anyway, they are apparently going to officially announce this exciting new item next Thursday, August 14th, so by the sounds of it, both Transformers and G.I. Joe fans should be anticipating something new and exciting to come to the Transformers Collectors Club in 2015.

Speculation GO.

EDIT – Okay, time to really cue up the speculation.  Thanks to a Russell, a member of the Facebook G.I. Joe Discussion group, there is yet another post on the August 5th reveal of the Transformers Collectors Club site that says the following:

Also, in addition to offering the TFSS 3.0 (more details on that soon), members will have the option to purchase not one, but TWO additional MEMBER ONLY exclusive figures! One will be a companion piece to LIO CONVOY, and the other… well, the other is like nothing we have done before and will rattle more than just the Transformers fandom!

Okay…  it will “rattle” more than just the Transformers fandom?  Certainly seems like this may be a dead give away.  Powerglide A-10 in Cobra blue perhaps?  That certainly seems the most likely candidate.

Now this could be the upcoming Legends scale version, or could it even be the Ultra version from several years ago?  Hmmm… either one could be interesting, though the Voyager could be especially impressive (and expensive)!


Big thanks to fellow WOJM cohost and Youtube reviewer chuckdawg1999 for the heads up.