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New product information and other news for spring!


We have recently added a large vintage collection of figures to the web
site.  This includes a number of rarer items such as mail-in premiums,
vehicle drivers, Night Force, and others.

Be sure to check out the Vintage and Loose menu section by year.

The 2014 GI JOE convention is now behind us but we’ve brought back
a few exclusives from the show, most of which sold out there.
You can find those in the club/convention exlusive section:

Publication of most of IDW’s GI JOE comic series are taking a break for
a few months.  This is an idea time to get caught up on the issues you’ve
missed.  We have a big selection of GI JOE back issues from the various
IDW and Devil’s Due series.  Fill the holes in your collection today!

Our remaining GI JOE t-shirt selection is on sale for just $4.99 per shirt!


Wave 2 and 3 of the Marvel 3.75″ Infinite series figure assortments are
now available for pre-order.  Figures in these waves include Death’s
Head, Ares, Antman, Deathlok, and many more.

Captain America 2 movie figures are in stock and available for shipment.
See the Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America menu section for those listings.


We have full stock and selection of all of Unimax’s Forces of Valor 1:32
scale die-cast military models, historical and modern.  Stop by today
to check out the jeeps, tanks, transports, artillery pieces, and more!

In addition to our Forces of Valor selection we have some old stock of
1:32 scale tank models from the now-defunct 21st Century Toys.  We
have the Jagdpanzer Hetzer, an Sd. Kfz 139 Marder III, and a Panzer 38(t).
I believe none of these three have been done in this scale elsewhere.


Be sure to check out our clearance aisle for ultra-low prices on items we
want to move out of inventory.  Great, inexpensive gift ideas!  We also
have some very good deals here on an assortment of 1:6 scale military

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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site


G.I. Joe: Silent Interlude 30th Anniversary pre-order on Amazon

It’s tough to argue that probably the most pre-eminent issue of G.I. Joe was issue #21.  The silent issue not only kick-started the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow rivalry, but also redefined the art form of comic story telling, and inspired many others to attempt the same feat (with varying degrees of success).

IDW Publishing is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of this landmark comic event with a special “remastered” and oversized edition of this issue:

SILENT INVASION! The story that defined a generation – G.I. Joe #21 – remastered from the original art and lovingly recolored to the highest of contemporary standards. This wordless issue introduced the world to Snake Eye’s mysterious nemesis Storm Shadow and his Arashikage Ninja – and they’ve never looked better. Plus, catch an unprecedented glimpse of Larry Hama’s original layouts and Steve Leialoha’s finishes, and a look behind the scenes of the comic’s creation – and at its enduring legacy! Contains all-new commentary by Larry Hama!”

The additional commentary by Larry Hama sounds worth the price of admission in and of itself.  Check out the Pre-Order information on Amazon, this looks like a fun one.