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Marauder Task Force reveals “Security-Ops” Paint Master

We’re within four days of the end of the landmark Marauder Task Force Kickstarter, and on the cusp of the $135,000 “Guerrero” stretch goal which will unlock a very cool looking Security-Ops version of the Task Force soldier.  For obvious reasons I’d think this figure will be in hot demand for G.I. Joe fans.

Check out the new paint master below, and let’s keep up the momentum!  We need a little less than $10,000 in four days to get the Security Ops trooper unlocked.  We can do this!

Support the Marauder “Task Force”!


G.I. Joe: Battleground Event “Snakes in the Sea Grass” is now live!

Throughout the lifecycle of the G.I. Joe: Battleground collectible game, they’ve pulled many storylines from the Sunbow era, and they are doing it again this time around.  Using the events of arguably the highlight of the Sunbow series, “The Traitor”, the next Battleground event is live, and looks like a whole lot of fun.

After many costly defeats at the hands of the Joes, the Crimson Twins approach a worry-stricken Joe hero with a proposition he can’t refuse. This slippery slope culminates in G.I.JOE being lured to a deep-sea platform with an explosive surprise! The Joe leadership is dealt a terrible blow, but things go from bad to worse as Cobra launches an all-out attack to free their newest, most promising, most traitorous lieutenant! Can the fight for freedom survive the Snake in the Sea Grass? Find out in this week’s exciting Capture event, starting today!

Check out the screen caps below.  I am loving the Crimson Twins, and really dig how they used the PoC Dusty to be a Cobra version of the character.  Pretty sweet.

Download G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND for your Android or iOS device for free at G.I.JOE BATTLEGROUND