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Reminder – Darkness Falls, the latest GeneralsJoes Dio-Story launches April 14th!

I mentioned in my last news post that time spent on the dio-story had taken some time away from reviews, but all that time is about to pay off!

Ten days from today, Sunday, April 14th, my latest Dio-Story will begin!  Picking up right where Ghosts left off, with Cobra on the precipice of executing Operation: Eclipse, G.I. Joe has been pushed to their breaking point.  Mustering up all their resources, the team launches one last offensive against Cobra’s secret Amazon headquarters!

This is the largest scale dio-story I have ever done, and I feel like it’s a satisfying end to my little corner of the G.I. Joe universe.  I hope others will feel the same way after all is said and done.

Check out the teaser on YouTube, and you should play some catch up with my previous dio-stories as well!  You can also hit up my Dio-Story updates on the site itself, which will show some set building, etc…

Thanks for all of the support throughout my long walk down this road, I hope the destination ends up as fun as the ride has been.

Playing catch up with the G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 2.0 reviews

I know my reviews have fallen somewhat behind, mostly because I’m devoting my time to the Darkness Falls Dio-Story, but I have officially caught up with my FSS 2.0 reviews!

Today, you can find ALL FIVE remaining figure reviews posted to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review page, and also hit up the links below.

  1. Keel Haul
  2. Bombardier
  3. Big Bear
  4. Dragonsky
  5. Grand Slam