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G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals JoeCon 2014 Steel Brigade Commander

True to their word, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has revealed their latest 2014 G.I. Joe Convention exclusive, and it is the Steel Brigade Commander!  As folks have suspected, it is based on the concept case version of the Gold Head Steel Brigade figure.

While the head looks a little bit more yellow than gold in the image, I would suspect the final version ends up being more gold than what we see here.  Regardless, it’s good to see another figure, and considering this is now two figures with no new tooling, I suspect things will really start ramping up with the next few reveals.

Check out and see the image mirrored below.


Also take a peek at the comparison image below, with the Concept Case version and the Photoshop mock up of the convention version.



Watch for the next Convention figure reveal!

As reported today on the G.I. Joe Convention Twitter account, expect another exciting convention figure reveal today from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club:


So it sounds like we’re due for a reveal on the G.I. Joe side today. Will it be a member of the E.C.O. Force or one of the Zombie Hunters? Whichever one it is, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Keep watching for the reveal!


G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS series 4 is now hitting mailboxes!

Reports are coming in fast and hard about the fourth shipment of the GIJCC Figure Subscription Service! Fortunate folks over on have already reported receiving the latest shipment, and it looks like a great one. I won’t spoil the surprise here, but over on there are already some great spoiler images.

Keep watching those mailboxes!