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First four Figure Subscription Service figures available at Club store

The first half of the FSS 2.0 has been shipped to eager G.I. Joe fans everywhere, but for folks who don’t have a subscription, it’s been a “wait and see” game. For the first four figures (Shipwreck, Airtight, Skullbuster, and Wide Scope) that wait is over!

Check out the GIJoe Collectors Club Store right now to get your hands on the first four FSS 2.0 figure releases, now up for sale.

Sales of the second FSS will directly impact likelihood for a third, and hopefully these figures are deemed popular enough to warrant more to come. I’m hoping we might hear something about FSS 3.0 at the G.I. Joe convention in April.

Go get ’em.

G.I. Joe Collectors Club posts final sample image of Cross Country

While we’ve already seen a heavily Photoshopped image of the upcoming 2014 Membership figure, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has now posted an image of the final production sample of the upcoming Cross Country figure. You can check out the image over on!

You MUST be a member by March 16th in order to get this figure, and trust me, past years are selling for big bucks right now. It’s only $44 for the year, and it comes with the free figure, plus 12 issues of a really fun newsletter to boot.

Check out the Cross Country image below, and hit up for the latest Club news and announcements.


Storm Shadow to have a larger role in G.I. Joe 3?

The end of G.I. Joe: Retaliation left it a little dubious as to which side Storm Shadow was truly on, even though the film ends with him shaking hands with his sword brother Snake Eyes. In spite of this act of solidarity, he had proclaimed earlier in the film that he was “not with you, but for this once, I am not against you“, which makes it seem as if his G.I. Joe allegiance was merely temporary.

Regardless of all of that, according to Lee-Byung hun’s representatives, he is slated to return to the states later this month to begin work on G.I. Joe 3, and those same representatives say that “his part in the upcoming movie is expected to be bigger than his previous appearances…”

This brings up a good question in regards to G.I. Joe 3, which is how much more of the Arashikage angle can the film franchise cover that hasn’t already been revealed in films 1 – 3? There’s no doubt that ninjas have always been and will always be a huge part of G.I. Joe lore, but we’ve seen Snake Eyes’ and Storm Shadow’s childhood, we’ve seen the Hard Master murder, and we’ve seen the two men become allies, so one must wonder how much further this story will evolve.

I’m liking the mystery.

From my own perspective, this is a really fun piece of these Hollywood adventures. The speculation and detail-by-detail revelation as the months go on. I’m really looking forward to the ride. It’s very interesting to hear that he’s returning to the states at the end of this month to begin work on it. I know Chu said that shooting was this year, I was expecting work to begin much later, but as long as it keeps the news and information flowing, I’m into it!

Check out the Korea Times for the full article.