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Guru Planet Cyber Monday Sale!



50% OFF MORE RAH Vintage! A Real American Hero.

40% OFF Massive Amount of Customs! New charcters!

REDUCED PRICES – 2000-2012, 2013 G.I. Joe Real American Hero Convention Exclusive

Tiger Force! FSS 2.0 Series G.I. Joe Action Figures – In Stock!
PREORDERS Still Available Cross Country!!

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As they usually do on Cyber Monday, is firing up their Lightning Deals, and they feature a lot of toys in those deals today.

But what G.I. Joe fans want to keep their eyes open for is at 3:00pm Eastern when the G.I. Joe Eaglehawk hits the Lightning Deal.  That’s in just over an hour.  Amazon’s current price is about $32, so you’ve got to think the Lightning Deal will be for a decent chunk less.

Check out my affiliate link below and consider hitting that link at 3:00pm and grab yourself an Eaglehawk for a great price!