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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW Publishing G.I. Joe #12

Today marks the first issue of Paul Allor’s four issue run on G.I. Joe, and he goes in a little bit of a different direction than we saw Fred Van Lente throughout the first eleven issues.

While much of  Van Lente’s run focused on the mainstream G.I. Joe team with lots of all out action, Allor’s first issue is decidedly Cobra themed, with more than its fair share of exposition.  A very interesting dichotomy from the first eleven issues.

Ultimately, how successful is it?  The full review is below.


GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 2.0 Widescope and Skullbuster!

As we march towards 2014, it’s “catch up” time with reviews that have fallen slightly behind. GeneralsJoes covered Shipwreck and Airtight yesterday, and today we’re tackling Wide Scope and Skullbuster. Certainly an eclectic series of choices for the first four figures, but it’s making me pretty excited as we move forward, as there are still a lot of highly desirable figures left to come.

Check out the GeneralsJoes G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page, or just click the links directly below:


Preview for IDW Publishing G.I. Joe (Season 3) #12

As mentioned yesterday, the latest issue of IDW Publishing’s flagship G.I. Joe title should be hitting comic shops today with the holiday tomorrow, and it’s the first issue of the latest season without Fred VanLente at the helm. Taking over for him is Paul Allor, who is doing a four issue arc, starting that arc off with a look at past iterations of Cobra Commander.

Check out the preview below!

G.I. Joe #12

Paul Allor (w) • Alex Cal, S L Gallant, Atilio Rojo, Nicole Virella (p) • Steve Kurth (c)

The Secret History of COBRA! In the aftermath of COBRA’s New York attack, BARONESS leads a new up-and-coming officer called SIREN around the world—and into the past! SIREN uncovers the secrets of the previous COBRA COMMANDERs—and comes face-to-face with the ruthless current one!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • An all-star line-up of G.I. JOE artists reveal the origins of previous COBRA COMMANDERS!
  • Writer Paul Allor (TMNT Micro-series: Shredder) reveals ancient COBRA secrets!
  • Variant Cover by Freddie Williams III!

First info about Paul Allor’s run on G.I. Joe from Brian Truitt at USA Today

With the holiday week this week, we’re getting new comic day a day early, and tomorrow marks the first issue of “Season 3” of the IDW G.I. Joe title without Fred VanLente at the helm.

Taking over for a quartet of issues is Paul Allor, and he speaks with good friend of GeneralsJoes Brian Truitt from USA Today about the catalyst for his first issue.

Who else but Cobra Commander would serve as a good jumping off point for the G.I. Joe writer over the next four issues?  Allor explores the various iterations of Cobra Commander throughout history, and has some pretty interesting insight.

Check out the full interview on USA Today, along with the preview of G.I. Joe #12.  Then come back to GeneralsJoes tomorrow for a review of the issue!


GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 2.0 Tiger Force Airtight and Shipwreck!

Yes, yes, I know I’m dreadfully late on getting these reviews up, but the good news is, by the end of the week I’ll have all six of them done and posted.  Better late than never, right?

Considering what 2014 looks like so far, we will want to grab these beauties and hold on to them for dear life, what we get from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club might be all we’re getting for the next year or so.

All of that side, hit up my G.I. Joe Collectors Club reviews page to see these, or just click the links below to go directly.

  1. Airtight (Tiger Force)
  2. Shipwreck (Tiger Force)