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We’ve been talking about it for months, and finally, yesterday the new G.I. Joe #1 debuted at comic shops across the nation.  With a drastic new direction, there was bound to be some polar opposite reactions.  My own opinion was pretty positive, and the reaction throughout the comic buying populace (G.I. Joe fandom aside) seems to be good.

Writer of the new title, Fred VanLente made the rounds to a few different places today, including Multiversity Comics where he spoke with Chad Bowers about the make up of the team and expectations for the title going forward.  Some awesome character-based filecards are woven throughout the article as well.

By far the biggest draw to me, though, was his visit with Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance.  VanLente has a long interview with established G.I. Joe fan sims, and actually debuts some images from the upcoming second issue of G.I. Joe!  As much as I was positive about the first issue, the little preview we see over at Comics Alliance gets me even more excited.  Without spoiling too much, the character appearances in Issue #2 are very exciting, and not only that, but the way they look is just as exciting.  They are certainly using some inspiration from very cool sources.

Check out the ComicsAlliance article right here!