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Continuing the Cobra Special Forces movement… billboards going up today

Again coming courtesy of Mysterious Stranger via Twitter… it looks like the Cobra Special Forces social media experiment is starting to take life in more ways than one.  In various locations around California, billboards are being unfurled, celebrating the Cobra Special Forces movement!

If you haven’t already, hit up and join up!

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Cobra Special Forces – Do you have what it takes?

We must be back on track for the G.I. Joe: Retaliation film, because suddenly and the Cobra Special Forces Facebook group have some content!  Included in this content is what appears to be a brand new recruiting video for the Cobra Special Forces.

Awesome!  We see many different scenes of these Cobra Troopers, in full G.I. Joe: Retaliation accurate uniforms…  I like it.  Check out the embedded video below, and looks like we should keep checking Cobra Special Forces on Facebook for the latest updates!  Thanks to Mysterious Stranger on Twitter for the info!


Hope everyone is having a great year thus far!

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