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Carded Iceberg to be available at 2013 G.I. Joe Convention

I think most of us assumed this as it was, but if not, the GIJoeCon FAQ just did.

They posted some updated answers to the FAQ yesterday, and included in those answers was the following tidbit:

“Question: Will the 3 3/4-inch Iceberg figure be available for club members to buy on a 25th card at the convention like Footloose was in 2012?

 Yes, a limited number will be for sale at the convention.”

One now wonders when we might see the first images of the 2013 Iceberg…  I’ve been so caught up in Convention coverage I hadn’t even thought to wonder.  Perhaps after registration goes live.

Please be sure you’re checking the GIJoeCon FAQ at every opportunity.  A lot of the questions you might have are answered there, including the dreaded “Why is Cobra Mortal not chrome?”  Click here to read for yourself.

GIJoeCon website shows off more details from the 12″ exclusive set

Secret Mission to Dragon Island is setting itself up nicely to be a very cool 12″ set that continues the mythology of the 12″ Adventure Team line and brings it more in line with the Real American Hero universe as well.  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club posted a few more images from this 12″ exclusive set to featuring the terrific Hazmat suit for evil villain Sebastian Gorman.  The suit features an awesome rendition of the Black Dragon logo that we’ve seen on various items since 2003.

Check out the update on!