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Discount store repaints hit eBay, and another hidden homage?

In a clear sign that these discount store G.I. Joe figure repaints are likely on the way to retail stores, eBay seller viperkingdom has posted them all up on eBay.  This second wave is full of some great homages to the classic Joes…some obvious, some not so much:

Now most folks have identified some of the clear inspiration for these figures.  Cobra Commander is based on his comic deco, while Storm Shadow uses T’Ginzu from Ninja Force as his base.  Duke’s interesting uniform color pulls inspiration from the animated Sunbow Breaker.

Shipwreck looks like a great OG13 base, and Snake Eyes looks to be based on the unheralded and extremely underrated Toys “R” Us Heavy Assault Set 6-Pack version from the new sculpt era.  But perhaps the most interesting here (and maybe the most overlooked) is the Cobra Trooper.

Many folks have identified the Cobra Trooper as having a comic inspiration, with the light blue and tan.  But it goes beyond that, at least from my view.  I’m sure folks remember those animated commercials way back in the day.  Well, the Cobra Troopers in those animated commercials look exactly like these figures, all the way to the blue mask.  It’s a very obscure and really neat homage for Joe fans who are interested in that type of thing.

I’ve mirrored the original gallery of images courtesy of Gyre-Viper from JoeDeClassified, and I’ve also included some low res images from those old school commercials.  I think the inspiration is clear.  Very cool stuff.

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And below some very low resolution screen shots of those animated Cobra Troopers…notice the blue masks, blue gloves, and yellow straps?  Pretty cool.

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Second shipment of GIJCC FSS is about two weeks away

We receive an email update from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club reporting that our second shipment of Figure Subscription Service figures should be shipped in about two weeks!  They are also preparing to charge credit cards for the second installment for those folks who are on the installment plan.  Be ready.

The full text of the email is below:

“Hello all!

We are getting ready to prepare the second shipment. We anticipate they they will ship about 2 weeks from now. Please have any address changes in the system by 5pm on this Wednesday Central Time.

Also we are planning to do the installment billing for the second payment on or about January 21. Please ensure that your credit card information is correct and that your debit cards have enough funds. Everyone’s billing amount is different so please refer to your first invoice to know what your amount will be. If you don’t have your invoice, you can log in and look at your order.

Log in

For those of you who paid in full, you can ignore the billing info.

Thanks for your support! We hope that you are enjoying your first figure shipment!