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I’m sure Larry Hama had no idea of the firestorm of fan speculation he would cause by throwing one little head shot in G.I. Joe #1.  Initially just an homage to Marvel editor Jim Shooter, this mysterious G.I. Joe character was never meant to be a full time member.

Devils’ Due Publishing (with Hama doing the writing chores) ran with this idea in their G.I. Joe: DeClassified series, a fantastic series that explored the beginnings of the G.I. Joe team in ways that hadn’t yet been revealed.  Shooter emerged as an actual character, a mysterious female sniper who served behind the scenes and helped the original 13 along without them even realizing it.

Now an enterprising G.I. Joe fan is taking that ball and running with it.  Since Shooter appeared in the comics and at least sorta became an official component of the Real American Hero mythos, now we need an action figure right?  Over on Kickstarter Falcone is attempting to produce a series of Shooter figures to satisfy those long time o-ring fans who are looking to dive back into the old school pool.

Are you an o-ring fan?  Would you just like a great looking Shooter figure to supplement your original 13?  Check out the project on Kickstarter and toss some support Falcone’s way.  Check out the full details right here.