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I’ve seen this image passed around quite a bit today, and with the latest Big Bad Toy Store newsletter, there are now some pre-orders to go along with it.  NECA has long established their place in action figure lore, but mostly in the larger scale figures for licensed properties like Predator, Terminator, Robocop, and Prometheus (among many others).  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time they’ve experimented with the 3 3/4″ scale (or perhaps these are closer to 4″?).

The results are pretty impressive from an appearance point of view.  Anyone who has played (or even seen) the video game Gears of War will acknowledge there is a very distinct artistic style to the characters and the game, and NECA has done an exceptional job capturing that style.  Large, bulky figures with all of the right gear and accessories, these Gears of War toys could almost pass for 6″ at first blush, but apparently they fall closer to G.I. Joe sized.

While I’m not necessarily a huge Gears of War enthusiast, I have certainly played the games quite a bit, and I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality and articulation of what I see here, though the apparent lack of a swivel bicep is a bit disconcerting.  I’ll be paying close attention to this line as it gets closer to release.  Early indications are pretty damn good.

Check out the pre-order links below as well as the mirrored product image.