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Some excellent exclusives left over from Assembly Required 2012

This past weekend, Iowa saw an influx of G.I. Joe fans with the Assembly Required convention…JoeDeClassified made the trip as well as Gary from What’s on Joe Mind.  By all reports it was a fantastic show with a great turn out, but what made this show really stand out were the exclusives.

While a lot of shows are putting a strong focus on toy-themed exclusives, Assembly Required went the artwork route and produced some fantastic minimalist prints, buttons, and very unique posters to represent the show.

These are some very high quality and gorgeous looking items, and with some of them left over from the show, they are now on sale via Codename: Iowa.  Check out the online store and pick up some of these very unique and interesting items.  These will not be produced again, so grab ’em while they’re hot!

A great Top 10 G.I. Joe vehicle list at Robots PJ’s

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of top 10 figure and top 10 vehicle lists, and it seems that in many cases we get pretty used to the choices that appear on those lists.  Items like the USS Flagg and the Skystriker are pretty standard fare on those lists.  While those are some very neat items, I don’t think they always capture the real spirit of what made G.I. Joe great.  Even back in the 80’s, the Real American Hero line was as much about Cobra’s wacky sci-fi tech as it was about the familiar jeeps, tanks, and fighter jets on the Joe side.


Long time G.I. Joe fan RobotsPJs put together a great top ten list of vehicles, and I am loving his choices.  Sure there are some familiar faces on there like the VAMP, but there are some other terrific out-of-the-box choices there as well.  Some entries that you might not expect, but will likely make you smile when you see them.

Check it out on RobotsPJs here.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 69 (Dude!) featuring new G.I. Joe writer Fred Van Lente

It seems so impossible that we’ve already hit 69 episodes of What’s on Joe Mind, but here we are.  And childish jokes aside, this is a great episode!  We spend some time throughout election night speaking with new IDW G.I. Joe writer Fred Van Lente and Marvel Director of Communications Arune Singh.  We also interview one of the brainchildren behind Cobra Stickers, RJ, and of course chock full of news and G.I. Joe related content.

I know we’re not pushing these out on a weekly basis anymore, but hopefully we’re generating content worth waiting for.  As always, check this out on our Podbean Page, or via the embedded players below.  Also make sure to click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for all the show notes.



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