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Behind the scenes peek at the wonders of Coil Con!

Coil Con III was a huge event this summer at Kokomo Toys, a great sponsor of GeneralsJoes, but there was much more to it than just G.I. Joe toys and guests!  There’s a sense of brotherhood, camaraderie, and just all out fun.  The same atmosphere that you get at a JoeCon.

This year, though, they did something a little different as well.  This year they brought in a documentary producer who actually filmed and interviewed the folks involved with Coil Con, and they’ve presented a short documentary of the event on YouTube.  It’s a very cool look at Coil Con III and the people involved with it.  Special guest stars Mike and Gary from the What’s on Joe Mind Podcast!

Check it out embedded below!  Big thanks to the Coil Club guys and to Todd and Amber from Kokomo Toys for hosting the event and thinking of this documentary idea.