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G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Clearance Sale FINAL FIVE DAYS

Both the G.I. Joe Collectors Club and the Transformers Collectors Club are celebrating clearance sales on their respective store fronts, though the sale prices won’t last long.

The following email comes courtesy of Brian Savage from Fun Publications:

“Hello all you Club Members!

Don’t forget that both Club’s annual clearance sale ends Friday.  There are still some great deals left so check it out!  Go to or and click shop!

Thanks for your support!


Great prices on Direct to Consumer figures, Operation: Flaming MOTH, and lots more!  Check out the stores at the links below:

Disney’s buying spree…what are the ramifications for Hasbro?

When the news about Disney and Lucasfilm exploded all over my Internets last week, I contemplated writing something up about it, just because any major corporate changeover with Lucasfilm could have a potential impact for Hasbro, being one of Lucas’ largest licensees.  Ultimately I didn’t write anything up, but with the sudden unfounded rumors today about a potential purchase of Hasbro by Disney (yes JUST A RUMOR.  Do not freak out yet!) I figured perhaps I should talk about it a little bit.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary about this subject, obviously, with two corporate giants that are pretty near and dear to many of our geek hearts, but most of the focus of these comments is how Disney’s influence will directly impact Lucasfilm itself.

The larger question would seem, as far as toy fans are concerned, is how will this change impact Hasbro as one of Lucasfilm’s primary licensees and the major manufacturer of all Star Wars related action figures?  I’ve seen many folks concerned that this could spell doom and gloom for Hasbro, or that Disney’s previous contracts with Mattel would more or less guarantee a shift from Hasbro to their competitor, which could (hypothetically) spell doom and gloom for the Rhode Island toy maker.

I believe in the short term, this Disney move actually helps Hasbro.  And helps them quite a bit.

How so?  Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for my thoughts.