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GeneralsJoes interviews Fred Van Lente, new writer of IDW’s G.I. Joe

The news broke a few weeks ago at NYCC that in 2013 a new writer would be taking over the reigns of the main G.I. Joe title, and that new writer is Fred Van Lente.  In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Mr. Van Lente revealed some details about the upcoming title, including a new look for the team, a new philosophy, and an updated roster.  While the story will continue the IDW G.I. Joe universe, the Joe team is undergoing some fundamental changes.

As usual, this news was greeted with some… “enthusiastic” reactions from different portions of the G.I. Joe community, so I reached out to Mr. Van Lente, hoping to clarify some details and get some more information about this upcoming book.  He was very kind enough to get back to be very quickly, and I wanted to thank him for taking some time out of his most assuredly busy schedule to humor my fanboy oriented requests.

For folks who want to hear even more about the new G.I. Joe title from Mr. Van Lente, make sure you’re also keeping your eyes (and ears) open for What’s on Joe Mind Episode 69 as we’ll be featuring a great round table discussion with the new G.I. Joe writer as well as Marvel Director of Communications Arune Singh.

Until then, click the read the rest of the story link below to check out my interview with Fred Van Lente!  And a huge thanks once again to Fred for his quick responses to my questions.