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During the 90’s, Hasbro not only devoted their resources to G.I. Joe, but also acquired the Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat licenses and managed to integrate them into their G.I. Joe toyline.  The result was somewhat mixed.

Fans of the video games ended up a bit disappointed no doubt that the G.I. Joe figures were not very accurate to the source material, meanwhile ardent fans of G.I. Joe were wondering what the hell these video games were doing in their army toys.  One figure in particular stood out.  While many figures simply re-used G.I. Joe parts, Goro stood out.  A completely newly tooled figure (four arms and all!) Goro was the shining star of the Mortal Kombat theme.

Over at JoeDeClassified they’ve posted a terrific “Tales from the Vault” featuring Goro in various incarnations, including test shot images and concept art.  It’s an awesome read and there are some great tidbits in there.  Check it out over at