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New G.I. Joe site debuts…

G.I. Joe has been around for three decades, and the online community has been thriving for over twelve years, so it’s amazing to think that in all that time there are still some very cool new concepts to explore in the G.I. Joe mythology.

GeneralsJoes Twitter friend Dan Uthman announces that he has launched a site devoted to the history of the G.I. Joe characters we all know and love.  Where did they come from?  He includes a massive map outlining the birthplaces of your favorite Joe characters, and also dives into some key places that should be familiar to all of us.

Check out, it’s sure to be a really fun resource for G.I. Joe intel.  Big thanks to Dan for the heads up, and be sure to catch his announcement on the Flag Points podcast.

Epic series of G.I. Joe comic covers taking shape at Robert Atkins blog

The whole concept of a scene that spans multiple covers is something that I’ve really loved.  I can only imagine the challenge involved for an artist in making that kind of scene work.  It’s because of this that I find what Robert Atkins is doing over on his blog so fascinating.

He’s really laying out step-by-step what is going into his work on the covers for the series of G.I. Joe and Cobra issues soon to be released from IDW.  He is building a very cool looking scenario featuring a number of different characters in a number of different situations, yet making it all blend together quite nicely.

Check out his progress post right here (where he goes through the first two covers) and make sure you keep checking back as I’m sure he’ll post cover #3 as soon as he is able.  Very cool stuff from Robert Atkins.

Weeping in the toy aisles? Don’t forget about Sideshow Collectibles!

I know there has been an obvious G.I. Joe vacuum at retail, but don’t forget…all is not lost in G.I. Joe toy land.  Those great folks over at Sideshow Collectibles still have tons of G.I. Joe products in stock and ready to ship!

Excellent figures like the Crimson Guard, General Hawk, Cobra Viper, Zartan, Rock n Roll, and many other great dioramas and statues are in stock at Sideshow Collectibles, so satisfy your G.I. Joe itch with some 12″ goodness.

Click the banner below to see what they’ve got in stock and use some of that “mad money” for some really cool conversation pieces for your G.I. Joe collection.

G.I. Joe items IN STOCK NOW!

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 67 is online you FOC’s!

Any episode that features Chuck and Kevin talking about tasteful nudity is bound to be a legendary one, and this episode delivers.  The guys talk to Jim Sorenson, author of the fantastic G.I. Joe Field Manual, and then proceed to put him through a miserable 2 hours of off topic rambling, Gangnam Style free-style rapping, and yes, tasteful nudity.

Jim took it like a champ, and the episode ends up running the gamut, talking about the New Jersey Collectors Convention, Kevin’s excellent Metalhead figure, as well as the G.I. Joe Field Manual and the latest and greatest G.I. Joe news.

Hit up our Podbean page, or listen via the embedded players below.  Don’t forget to check the show notes after the jump.



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Marauder “Gun Runners” launches Kickstarter campaign to fund future releases!

For going several years now I’ve been saying good things about Marauder “Gun Runners”, not just for the excellent product they release, but their outstanding customer service, willingness to accept fan input, and outstanding communication has created a strong and intense fan following.

Now those fans need to step up.

Marauder “Gun Runners” has been receiving lots of customer requests for new product, to the point where they can’t logistically produce their excellent items on a time frame to meet demand.  So Marauder John has announced via Facebook that they are launching an exciting Kickstarter Campaign to fund future releases!

Their current goal is $17,000, which would allow them to fund production for 10 ALL NEW items for their “Gun Runners” business, and that includes unpainted weapons as well as pre-painted versions as well.

There will be several “stretch goals” as well, which means for a certain amount over their $17,000 goal, they will add more NEW ITEMS to this assortment.  This is our chance, Joe fans.  Marauder “Gun Runners” has done amazing stuff for us over the past seven years, we NEED to step up and kick in some funds to help get this new assortment into the production chain.  It will only benefit all of us with great new gear and accessories for our favorite 1:18 scale figures.

Hit up the Kickstarter project RIGHT HERE!