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Nerd Rage Toys Labor Day Sale!

Kick back this weekend, enjoy the holiday, and live up the last few days
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Choose from over 100 items from lines like Marvel Legends, GI Joe, Star
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The sale starts now, and runs through Monday. Quantities are limited, and
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All you Marvel Legends fans, we have some great news for you. We have
received a shipping notice for our order of Wave 3 figures. They will be
in next Friday, September 5th. In addition, the case count for Deadpool
has changed from 1 to 2. So we have added additional figures to our
catalog. Follow the link below to jump to our PRe-Order Section:

We have added dozens of items this week. Follow the links below and see
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GI Joe



Check out the rest of the great lines we have to offer.


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G.I. Joe Field Manual is IN STOCK at AMAZON!

I’ve been talking it up for a long time, and now is your chance to own it!  By Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster, the G.I. Joe Field Manual is a look into the background of the Sunbow animated series that most of us have never seen before.  Storyboards, details, artwork, all sorts of excellent tidbits from the 80’s animated series that brought most of us into this hobby to begin with.

Do not miss your chance to own this piece of history.  Click the banner below to buy the Field Manual at the awesome price of $10.74.  Worth every penny.

Another G.I. Joe Collectors Club “Did you Know?” article… FSS Barrel Roll!

I can’t help but renew my (minor) disappointment with this figure as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club gives us a very nice in depth look at the Barrel Roll character on  Their first two figures were Quarrel and TNT, both International exclusives that some newer domestic fans might not be real familiar with.

Barrel Roll was a character released in 2003 originally, and I’m sure there are some modern era specific fans who don’t know who he is, and this article provides some awesome insight, as well as some great new images of the upcoming Figure Subscription Service figure.  I’m happy to see that the helmet fits much better here than it did in the DTC days (or in earlier pictures).

All of that being said, the figure is cool enough that I’m almost even more disappointed that he ended up in his desert deco instead of the much more established blue and gray.  I think the same exact figure in some slightly tweaked colors would have made me infinitely more happy.  That being said, the figure still looks really nice and has some very cool elements.

Check out the article on and don’t forget, deadline for signing up for the FSS is September 4th!!  Don’t miss your chance.