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Massive behind the scenes gallery for G.I. Joe: Initiate fan film

It’s been a little while since we heard word about the G.I. Joe: Initiate fan film, but that’s only because they have been very busy filming it!  In fact, over on the G.I. Joe: Initiate Facebook page they have proven this fact by posting a ton of behind the scenes images of the filming, with some very cool looking characters!

I’ve mirrored just a couple of the images below.  Check out their Facebook page here for a ton more photos, and also stay tuned to for the latest updates, here’s hoping we see something online soon!

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DFW G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show Announcement

For G.I. Joe fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the following announcement just came into the inbox, you guys might want to check it out!

Good morning. This is to inform you of the brand new DFW GI Joe and Action Figure Show. We’re extremely pleased to be spear heading our first official show. This show is being hosted by the local DFW GI Joe Collectors club. Our divisions club members have volunteered in the past for another annual local show, but this one is presented by the club.

We currently have 22 table spaces available that will allow vendors a 7×8 foot sales area that includes one 2.5×8 foot table. Table cost will be $25 each before September 1st, and will then be $45 after that date. Multiple tables can be purchased.
For those of you that are interested in reserving table space you might want to do that sooner rather than later as we are already starting to receive requests from individuals who want multiple table space.
As the name of the show states, this show is just not solely about GI Joe but about his action figure brethren as well. So, no matter what your taste in action figures you’ll be able to find it at the show!
As to the specifics;
When – Saturday… October 6, 2012
Where – First Christian Church of Carrollton
1835 Walnut Ave
Carrollton, Texas 75006
Time – 10:00 – 4:00
If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail me at
If you would like to participate in this show as a vendor please contact Keith Holmes, the show organizer, at
So, if you happen to be either a GI Joe collector or an action figure collector please come on out and check out our show! This is your chance to find that unique item that you’re missing.
All GI Joe and action figure collectors are welcome and admission is free!

GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Roadblock and Snake Eyes

When the news broke that the G.I. Joe: Retaliation toy line would be getting pushed back to 2013 to be in line with the film release, I held on to desperate hope that Wave 2 at least would still hit retail on time.

That soon proved to be a fruitless hope as online retailers confirmed rumors that beginning immediately all distribution of G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures was being put on hold.  That essentially meant that everything from Wave 2 on was being delayed.  Knowing how cool some the Wave 2 figures looked, I was very disappointed.

Now the only issue with a line getting cut so close to retail release is that production level samples end up out in the wild, and that was definitely the case with these figures as well.  I got my hands on them and I was not disappointed in the end results.  Check out my G.I. Joe: Retaliation review page, or just hit up the links below.

EDIT – I had an old review file uploaded with incorrect “Star Ratings”.  I’ve adjusted them properly and re-uploaded.  Sorry about that!

Update from The Hero Project via Kickstarter – the Female Unibody

Another update over the weekend from the guys at Dynamo Development Labs in regards to their Kickstarter Campaign for The Hero Project.  And for folks like me who are still bitter over the whole Sigma 6 Scarlett issue, this could be some good news for the customizers out there!

Dynamo has confirmed that they do in fact have plans to develop a female “Unibody” for the line, which would essentially give folks a female template to build upon for any desired Sigma 6 females like Jinx, Scarlett, or The Baroness.  Not just that, but I think as fans (and for some of us, as fathers to little girls) a company so willing to dive into the female action figure market is something to celebrate.  I know for the sake of my two daughters, I’m hoping this gets off the ground.  Check out the update below.

“The one comment that keeps coming up from many of you who are interested or already backing is- “What about a female version? Now, that’s something I can get behind!”

Well, interestingly enough, we have done a bit of work in this area. How could we design Rama without exploring the idea of doing Sita, as well? And, if we’re going that far, lets just see what a female UniBody might look like.

The big question in all this is- what properties might the female UniBody convey? Is there a difference in what distinguishes an inspirational female hero from that of a male? We think so, but not in the traditional sense. We both have daughters and what we most most for them is to create a toy of someone that they can look up to. A role model.

The one thing we’ve wanted to stay away from is being exploitive, so we really thought about making a female body that portrays a certain level of ‘womanliness’, without being overtly sexualized, cutely demure or masculine. Its a challenge to say the least, but probably one of the big ideas to solve for in girl’s toys today.

Below you can see our first steps in developing that body. We’d like to hear more about what you think is the essence of feminine heroism and if it is somehow indistinguishable from the masculine variety.

We’ve got some ideas about who we’d like to see- Isis, Athena, Sita, Sif. BUT here’s where it gets sticky. If we don’t get funding for Rama, we can’t make ANY of these other heroes. Its all up to you. Ladies? Is this something you can rally around? Fellas? How bad to you want these?

Most importantly, aren’t these the type of figures we should be designing for young girls already?

Take a look below and let’s continue to talk.

Wayne and Tucker”

Sample images were also included:

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Now, get out and support the project!  🙂

ComicCon news and information from Hasbro G.I. Joe team

I’ve been lax on the updates throughout the weekend, my apologies.  Promised the wife it was going to be a “work on the house” weekend, and it was!

While I certainly kept my eyes on ComicCon to see what exciting new things were slated for the rest of this year and next, there wasn’t a whole lot of new G.I. Joe information.  This isn’t surprising, considering JoeCon was such a short time ago.

However, some G.I. Joe sites who had folks at the show spent a few minutes talking to Hasbro, and got some great information.  I’ve linked them below:

YoJoe asked some great questions of Mr. DePriest, discovering that yes, Wave 1 G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures would be restocked next year, and they also dug into the whole Ross situation and the Dollar General exclusives.  Definitely hit up that link above, some really great information.

The Terror Drome also had reps in attendance who spent a few minutes with Derryl and they asked about the whole SDCC/HTS exclusive situation, but most importantly, the question about articulation on vehicle drivers got a great response:

DD: Yes. That’s the other thing I’ve heard. I know fans are not happy by far to put it mildly with the articulation that we did on the drivers. I want to look at getting those drivers back out with more articulation and you have my commitment that we won’t be doing these lesser articulated drivers anymore. Whether that means vehicles come with or without drivers, I don’t know that answer yet. But we’re going to try to correct that.”

So it looks like Derryl and Hasbro are going to either try to retrofit some of the drivers with better articulation, or just may end up dropping driver figures from certain vehicles going forward. The fans have spoken…  I just hope everyone remembers the outcry here when Hasbro starts selling vehicles without drivers in 2013 (if they do).  I’ve seen many fans say that they would rather buy a vehicle with no driver than a vehicle with a driver with restricted articulation, so we’ll have to see what 2013 brings us.

A big thanks to these folks for bringing the news to those of us who couldn’t attend.