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ComicCon starts with a 1:6 scale sized BANG from Sideshow Collectibles!

It’s only preview night, but already we’re getting some G.I. Joe related intel hot off the presses!

Sideshow Collectibles has their booth rolling, and contained within are an incredible looking Baroness and Major Bludd!  The head sculpt and robotic arm on Bludd are especially bad ass, but Baroness is certainly no slouch either.  Both figures look amazing and are currently on display at booth #1929.

The folks over at have already begun posting images, and I’ve mirrored a few images from Sideshow on Twitter below as well.  I’ve got someone on site in San Diego who will be reporting back with his own share of intel and images as the weekend goes on.  You can check out HissTank’s images right here, and if anyone wants to send some others along, I’m listening!

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Guest review of Sideshow Collectibles SDCC Lt. Falcon by Mysterious Stranger

Talk about your turn around time!  Good friend of GeneralsJoes Mysterious Stranger only got his Sideshow SDCC Exclusive Falcon a day or two ago, and he’s already turned around another great review of the figure!

While I’ve been sitting at my desk drooling over this figure, Stranger put his money where his mouth was and we continue SDCC week with another look at a great looking SDCC exclusive.  Check out the latest review in the Sideshow Collectibles category, or by hitting the link below:


Robert Atkins posts an incredible gallery of past covers on his blog

When word came out of the G.I. Joe Convention that Robert Atkins was leaving the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow book with issue #16, I died a little bit on the inside, but hey, he’s still doing some covers so it’s all good!

Speaking of covers, Mr. Atkins recently finished his year long posting frenzy of daily updates to his blog, and celebrated that fact by posting an awesome composite image of every single G.I. Joe cover he’s done to date.  It’s an awesome and nostalgic look back at the past several years in G.I. Joe comic covers, and it really shows how much Robert has grown as an artist over the past few years.

Check out the latest post here, and follow Robert Atkins on Twitter.  I look forward to seeing his covers and hope his skills grace the interiors of a G.I. Joe universe book again soon!

GeneralsJoes Concept Case Top 10 – Number 8

This great looking figure first hit our radar courtesy of Mat Brouillard who posted an image of the sculpt for Clutch on his Facebook page.  Everyone kind of wondered whether it was a canceled concept, or merely something still to come.

I had an opportunity to speak with John Warden at the G.I. Joe Convention, and he confirmed to me that this version of Clutch was initially slated to come with the Pursuit of Cobra VAMP, while the updated HISS Driver was going to come packaged with the HISS in the same assortment.  Unfortunately, due to cost reasons, the new figures were dropped, and kit-bashes were put in their place.

If you don’t know which figure I’m talking about by now… here’s the official run down:

8 – G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra Clutch

Clutch was always a tough character for me to get my head around.  He had such a great personality in the comic books, and seemed to be one of those guys that you love to hate.  He smooth talks you, and goes out for beers with you, then waits until your passed out drunk and hits on your girlfriend.  He’s a guys guy, a grease monkey, and seems to be one of the more popular characters in the G.I. Joe mythos.

What is so great about this figure is they take a guy like Clutch and really turn him into something unique and interesting.  He has the familiar bearded head sculpt, but the whole rest of the figure is something dramatically new.  The armored vest with pouches are awesome, the bulky gauntlets look great, and he’s got all sorts of that terrific Pursuit of Cobra pseudo-futuristic design from head to toe.  I would have loved to have seen him behind the wheel of the VAMP, but alas it was not to be.

Perhaps all is not lost, though.  If enough fans clamor for him, perhaps his appearance in the Concept Case will get him a second life.  If you want to see this guy at retail, don’t forget to vote!

For now, just take a peek at the images below.

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