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G.I. Joe: Retaliation upcoming new Roadblock and Flint revealed

As I hinted yesterday, there were indeed a pair of figures put out on display, but quickly pulled back from Hasbro, who evidently did not want them revealed as of yet.

Not really certain what the full story is, just that there are evidently upcoming Roadblock and Flint figures that look pretty incredible. No information was revealed on timeline for release or format, but I suspect they will be part of the main single pack line in 2013.

Check out some images below, with big thanks to Kenny on Twitter.

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G.I. Joe Convention 2012 – G.I. Joe: Retaliation Behind The Scenes!

This coverage of the behind-the-scenes look at G.I. Joe: Retaliation hadn’t gone live yet just because there wasn’t really any “breaking news” so to speak, just some awesome glimpses of the production art, weapons, and costumes of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation film.

Logan Lubera, a Hasbro representative, spent four months essentially embedded with Paramount, providing consulting, approval, and negotiation every single step of the way. From weapon design to costume design, to action set pieces, Logan had a hand in many of the elements of the Retaliation motion picture.  He actually designed the entire Battle Kata weapons system, initially as something that could be used for role play in the toyline, but it actually ended up being included in the film itself!  This was something Logan was especially proud of.

Throughout the entirety of the film, their main desire was to bring G.I. Joe back down to Earth.  Make it much more gritty and realistic military action film, drawing back the super hero “shiny armor” elements.  Focus much more tightly on quick-paced, character themed action and much less on huge spectacle and special effects.

There are many vehicles injected into the film, more than what we’ve seen in trailers and footage so far, and a lot of character-based nods to the fans as well.  As many folks have suspected, Jinx was given the yellow mountain fighting suit to separate her a bit from the Red Ninjas and also as an homage to Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.

As with many of the panels, you can read all of my aggregated Live Tweets on my Twitter Feed to get more insight and information.

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G.I. Joe Convention 2012 – G.I. Joe Collectors Club Roundtable – Iceberg!

Good morning!  I apologize about the delay in coverage for this as the Convention quickly turned into a whirlwind yesterday afternoon and evening.  The Collectors’ Club roundtable kicked off yesterday afternoon and much was discussed.

Brian apologized for what happened with the credit card system and revealed some details about how the third party software vendor and service provider could have done some things better.  There were programming errors in the web form they provided and no security package installed within the application as there should have been.  He did took full responsibility for what occurred, and informed us that he used a famous security analyst to uncover the issue and ensure that the new software package had all of the required security.

They discussed quite a bit about the package design for the carded Footloose and the Convention exclusive items, breaking down the numerous paint applications required for each figure.  Also discussed was the upcoming Membership Incentive figures.  For 2013, they are as follows:

  • 12″ Comrade of Action – an undercover Adventure Team agent in Russia
  • 4″ Iceberg!  Borrowing elements from the classic version, but attempting a more modern twist.  No figure picture was shown, but details were revealed.

Speaking a bit on the Figure Subscription Service as well, and showing off those figures at the front of the hall.  They are still testing the software platform for the store, and are hoping to get it online and rolled out shortly.  Still aren’t revealing 100% concrete pricing structure yet, as costs have changed in the manufacturing process over the past 8 months.  The figures for the FSS are essentially a “pre-order” where they will solicit the subscription, and then produce figures based on the demand from the orders.


Hoping to get that launched, again, based on demand, after Wave 1 has settled somewhat, and even have three figures lined up for it:

  • Dragonsky
  • Big Bear
  • Night Force Lt. Falcon

A mock up picture was shown of Dragonsky, but not for the other two.  Big Bear will come with his trusty hat and a new head sculpt, while Lt. Falcon will be similar to the canceled 25th Anniversary Night Force version only with the new sculpted head from the Marauders 7-pack.

Again, I know this posting is late, but keep in mind I do a lot of Live Tweeting and up-to-the-minute news updates from my Twitter Feed.  Check out the images from the presentation below.

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