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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 59 is online now

It’s never a good thing when the podcast starts out with sordid JoeCon stories, but like it or not, that’s how we kicked off episode 59 and it only went downhill from there.  Chuck unleashes some punishment for the “Stump Chuck” segment from episode 58 and we talk to Don about the Crappy Figure Brigade and being a forum staffer for Toy News International.

There’s some great talk about the “good old days” of the online G.I. Joe fandom and of course plenty more news and G.I. Joe discussion.  Check out the embedded players below to listen, or hit up Podbean itself, and the Show Notes are after the jump.



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Guest Review – Sideshow Collectibles Rock n Roll by Mysterious Stranger

Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned many times in the past a majority of the Sideshow Collectibles’ offerings are simply out of my price range.  Thankfully I have some good friends who devote some serious money and time to the Sideshow line and eagerly provide me with reviews for the site.

This makes me very happy.

The unique thing in this case is that long time friend of GeneralsJoes Mysterious Stranger has been a huge fan of Sideshow’s offerings and also claims Rock n Roll as his all time favorite G.I. Joe character.  So posting his review here only makes sense.  Check it out in the Sideshow Collectibles Reviews category, or the direct link below.

And posting this makes me realize that I really need to dedicate a specific page to Sideshow reviews and not just the category.  They need to be easier to find.

IDW G.I. Joe Solicitations for September, 2012

IDW has just supplied us with solicitation information for G.I. Joe titles hitting comic shops in September!  I’ll tell you I’m extremely excited to see what’s going to happen in the Real American Hero universe based on what we’re seeing here, which features a fan favorite character… a couple of them, actually.

Also, even thought it’s not strictly G.I. Joe related, I was excited to see a Transformers: Art of Fall of Cybertron collection featuring art from the extremely cool video game series…not only that, but written by long time G.I. Joe scribe and personal friend of GeneralsJoes Mark Bellomo!  That should be a great item to check out come September.  Also in September begins the “G.I. Joe Complete Collection” series which endeavors to gather together all of the Marvel G.I. Joe issues into a series of comprehensive volumes!  That should be a fantastic collection to keep an eye out for as well.

Check out the Read the Rest of this Entry link below to see the full blown solicitation list.



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