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Don’t throw away that G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie cash!

Folks who have purchased the G.I. Joe: Renegades Season 1, Volume 1 DVD very likely scoffed at the “movie cash” offer on the cellophane just like I did.  Well scoff no more!  Shogi actually emailed the movie cash folks in regards to the G.I. Joe: Retaliation offer, and received the following reply:

“Thought you guys might like to know this. I emailed emoviecash about the $5 Retaliation code that’s on the Renegades DVD:

Thank you for your DVD purchase!

The theatrical release date of G.I. JOE RETALIATION is now scheduled for March 29, 2013.

Please keep your e-Movie Cash code handy, and come back to this site beginning March 1, 2013.

to redeem your e-Movie Cash Code.


When you revisit this site beginning March 1, 2013, you will get to print your e-Movie Cash ticket, which will be valid for $5.00 toward box office admission to G.I. JOE RETALIATION, in theaters March 29, 2013.

Your e-Movie Cash code will be valid from 3/1/13 through 4/30/13.

See G.I. JOE RETALIATION in theaters 3/29/13!

The e-Movie Cash ticket that you will receive will be valid from 3/29/13 through 5/7/13.”

So there ya go!  They will continue to honor the movie cash offer, it will just be delayed along with the movie.  Thanks to Shogi for the information!

A very quick inside look at upcoming Sideshow Major Bludd and Destro?

We have to consider this more rumor material, just because there has been no official word from Sideshow Collectibles, only a snippet of art from the introduction to their new Production Peek video.

The production peek itself focuses on the Lord of the Rings product line, but if you squint and look closely at the rotating artwork used for the intro, a nice picture of some potential design ideas for Major Bludd and Destro are present there.  Destro looks like he has a pretty new look, complete with his red collar, but with a much better textured shirt.  Major Bludd looks like he comes with removable missiles for his backpack as well.

Keep in mind these may just be dead concepts, but it’s still a very cool look into the production process.  The video is embedded below, and I’ve also screen grabbed a few images for a better look.  Big thanks to the eagle eyes of the Flag Points Podcast Twitter account for noticing this!

no images were found adds vehicle archive to the new database system

For folks who were jumping for joy over the migration of the Action Figure archive to the new, slick database system on, today brings further reason for happiness.  The massive vehicle archive has now been revamped in the same away!

Featuring much better page organization, quicker searching and sorting, the updated vehicle archive will totally redefine the way you organize and look up your G.I. Joe vehicles.

Check it all out in it’s new improved glory right here.

Marauder “Gun Runners” releases long awaited Series Six!

Man, the first half of the day seemed relatively uneventful, then all hell broke loose!  One of the highlights of today’s news for sure was the announcement that Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 6 weapons assortment has been released!

Unfortunately this series has been fraught with production delays, mostly due to the modular components within the series, but thankfully problems have been overcome, and the weapons have been released and are available for purchase.  Series 6 comes with a whopping 33 weapons or weapon accessory pieces for full modular action and whatever the focus of your collection is, you should find stuff to love contained within!  Check out the links below to pick and choose or buy ’em all!

Official press images for SDCC Exclusive Shockwave HISS and Jinx

Hasbro PR has made available the press images for upcoming San Diego ComicCon Exclusive “Shockwave” HISS Tank w/ Destro and Constructicon B.A.T. as well as Kim “Jinx” Arashikage in both her regular red uniform and in the variant white uniform.  Along with the press images, we get our first official looks at the box art for Shockwave and the card art for both Jinx figures.

Of note, according to GeneralsJoes Twitter friend Twitziller, the Jinx card art may represent the first time a 25th homage figure was released with “digital” explosion background.  Someone feel free to correct us if we’re wrong, but I can’t seem to remember another figure using that.

Check out the official images below, and if you want to see what I thought of the upcoming SDCC Jinx figures check out the main release review right here and the white uniform variant right here.

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