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What’s on Joe Mind deals with a FANDOM IN CRISIS with Episode 57

Has a fandom ever been thrown into such turmoil in such a short period of time before?  Two weeks ago, new G.I. Joe toys were on the verge if being released, a movie was coming out in about a month, JoeCon was coming and things were GREAT.

Now, two weeks later, the film is pushed back to 2013, most of the toys have been delayed, and JoeCon’s quick sell out has created a riff in the fandom.  What’s on Joe Mind to the rescue!  We spend some time with voicemail messages in this episode, letting Joe fans vent their frustrations, as we take some time to vent our own.

Check out episode 57 on our Podbean Page, or via one of the embedded players below.  As always, Show Notes are after the jump.



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