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What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition – The 2012 Convention Brochure

As soon as convention season grows near, it seems like the questions continue to pop up year after year about this year’s convention.  What does “golden ticket” mean, what do I get with my registration… how can I get a set if I’m not travelling to New Orleans?

Well, What’s on Joe Mind is all over it!  We are your “one stop shop” for any Convention information you might need, and we got started bright and early with Special Edition #12.  Gary and Justin break down the entire convention brochure and provide some insight as to what you can expect on every page and just how much of your hard-earned money you should be grasping onto prior to the end of June.

So check it out at our Podbean Site or via the embedded player(s) below.

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“The JoeCon Brochures are out!”  Those 5 words are just as potent to a Joe fan as “Gentlemen, start your engines!” is to a race car driver, because to us it means JoeCon is drawing closer and registration time is near.  Print off your forms and follow along with Gary and Justin, who between them share their nearly 20 years of JoeCon experience.  Our dynamic duo will attempt to help you understand the brochure and read between the lines on this annually anticipated document.  From the con sets, to the package choices, to the guests, to the pre-con tours, they’ll break it down for you in tinier, much easier to swallow morsels.  Now all you need to do is print out the brochure and follow along!  We’ve been on the road to New Orleans for a couple of weeks now, but the city lights are now visible in the distance.  We’re your Golden Ticket to a successful JoeCon.  It all starts here…!

G.I. Joe Convention 2012

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club unveil the mysterious General Iron Bear

I think it’s pretty fair to say that when six open slots were available under the Oktober Guard emblem for the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention reveal, most fans just assumed that we would see the six most famous Oktober Guard members as part of the boxed set.  Even though Dragonsky didn’t make an appearance until a little bit after the rest of the team launched in G.I. Joe #6, most fans identify him pretty specifically with the old school Oktober Guard.

It would certainly appear, though, that either this mission takes place without him, or he’s slated for a spot in one of the attendee exclusive sets available in New Orleans for Con attendees.  Regardless of where Dragonsky appears in the grand scheme of things, the release of the Convention brochure last week identified one member of the Oktober Guard that no one had yet heard of.  And I love that.

I’m all about the story aspects of the G.I. Joe universe and one thing the Collectors’ Club has done amazingly well is using their characters to tell a story.  Now we have a totally new Oktober Guard character, General Iron Bear.  I think common hypothesis is that this Iron Bear may very well be the guy who turns tail and becomes General Mayhem from the awesome 2005 MARS Attacks convention set, but we likely will not find that out for a while.

Until then, we can enjoy the reveal of the figure itself!  Check it out at or mirrored below.

That is a pretty cool looking figure, I have to say.  I love it when the Club throws a curve ball, as they so often do, and I think this one is a cool one.  A mixture of Arctic Snake Eyes/Snow Serpent and G.I. Joe: Resolute Duke, it looks like an arctic themed commander, and I think the whole idea works well.

EDIT – Of course thanks to Caped Crusader for reminding me that the figure is essentially Resolute Duke (Siberian Attack) with a new head, which is equally cool to me, as I enjoy that figure quite a bit.

Along with the figure reveal, they also have showed us their convention T-Shirts and Hat for 2012, which is always a popular item at the Club store throughout the weekend.  Check those images out below.

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So are we all getting hyped up, Joe fans?  Registration is going to be happening soon, and then it’s all downhill for New Orleans, and I can’t wait!  Keep your eyes peeled here and on for the latest details.

G.I. Joe fans spicing up the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Premier in the Philippines

This word comes in from those great G.I. Joe fans from TS118 who have provided images and details for some amazing dioramas over the past several years:

TS118 has secured an agreement with Solar UIP (local movie outfit who will show GI Joe Retaliation in the Philippines) as of this week.

We shall be providing them action figure displays and dioramas for the promotion of the movie (June 10-30, 2012) and will be helping them in the premiere and regular screening set on June 20 (Thursday).  We’ll also be their official partner for the upcoming 11th Philippine Toycon on June 15-17, 2012 where one of the main attractions will be the GI Joe movie.

Looks like the Philippines gets first peak on the new flick, but we won’t post any spoilers…”

This sounds like a pretty excellent coup!  TS118 has always been very involved in the G.I. Joe and toy convention world in the Philippines, and now they’re branching out into the movie scene.  This is awesome!

For fans from the Philippines, definitely something exciting to look forward to, and for the rest of us, I’m sure pictures will be online.  Kudos to some devoted fans for getting their work out there and making the Retaliation premier even more exciting.

Make sure to keep hitting up TS118 for the latest details and information.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 54 is online now!

The guys jump back into our regular weekly show with a full compliment this time around as Chuck, Gary, Mike and myself all come together to uncover more G.I. Joe related secrets!  I’m sure everyone remembers that little 16 bit G.I. Joe themed game that was floating around the internet a few weeks ago, Attack on Cobra Island?  Well, we dig down into the center of it in this show, tracking down and interviewing the mysterious creator behind the video game.  He gave us some terrific insight and information about the game, tells us its current status (PS, you can download it RIGHT NOW) and what happened with the whole Hasbro situation.

We also took a few minutes to talk to Counterpunch from the Seibertron Twincast Podcast to uncover how Transformers fans feel about Fun Publications and the Collectors’ Club, and I think G.I. Joe fans will find some of his responses very interesting.  Check it out at our Podbean page, or via the embedded player below.  Don’t forget, Show Notes are after the jump.

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GeneralsJoes wraps up G.I. Joe: Retaliation single pack reviews

Couldn’t quite get them all finished up last week, but I managed to wrap up the last three reviews among packing and moving this weekend, and you can check them all out on my G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page.

Of course you could also just click the various links below:

And, of course, do not forget that awesome review sponsor Big Bad Toy Store is loaded up with pre-orders for these figures and future ones as well!  Wave 2 looks especially awesome with movie accurate Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Flint, and Firefly!  Check out the links below.