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JoeDeclassified Spec Ops Podcast reveals Cobra Island Playset

I’ve been talking to the guys involved with the SpecOps podcast for a while, and I’ve made several promises to be on the show, but I just haven’t been able to make it happen yet.  Shame on me, and I’m especially disappointed that I missed this inaugural episode.

A lot of their conversation focused around the awesome Cobra Island Playset, a concept from the 80’s that unfortunately never came to pass.  But the podcast goes way above and beyond that.  Tons of great conversation about design with a whole cast full of informed and “in the know” Joe fans.  The podcast is a must listen.  You can check it out at the JDSO Podbean page, and also the embedded player below.

Make sure you hit up for the awesome Cobra Island design sketches, too.  I’ve mirrored a few of them below, but the rest of there.  Awesome stuff.

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie image from Hasbro Investor Day

Over at HissTank, BCYOJOE mentions the Hasbro Investor Event, which was held pretty close to Toy Fair this year, and as such, not a whole lot of news emerged.  Well, apparently one bit of news did emerge in the form of a new image from G.I. Joe: Retaliation!

This great looking pseudo poster features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Roadblock.  Check it out here, or mirrored below.

EDIT – Source of the image is the Hasbro Investor Day presentation, which can be found at


A first in hand look at G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures launches today with Kamakura!

Over the span of the next few days, GeneralsJoes will be bringing you an exclusive look at some upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures, courtesy of Gyre Viper.

Both Gyre Viper and I thought long and hard about showcasing these images, considering product isn’t due on store shelves for a little while yet, but ultimately a desire to inform the community won out.  The G.I. Joe online community has been extremely divisive in regards to Retaliation toys ever since information began leaking out.  Concerns about articulation, marketing strategy, and overall figure quality was brought to the forefront.

With an ultimate goal of informing the community and giving these toys closer scrutiny, Gyre Viper decided to bring these figures to light.

There is so much great information that can be gathered here…figure construction, figure quality, articulation enhancements (as well as subtractions) and it just seemed with so much community based indecision over the past month or so, this was a great time to do something for the community.  I strongly believe a closer look at these figures shows that even with the disagreement among the fandom, Hasbro has done some terrific things design-wise and execution-wise, and I think Gyre Viper’s decision to showcase these figures for the G.I. Joe community as a whole was a good one.  Shifting the discussion from missed articulation to a focus on fantastic new designs and sculpting is a good plan, and I’m hoping these images showcase that.  It’s not all peaches and cream, and there are some concerns to be voiced here, but the important thing is being educated and well informed, which is what we are hoping to accomplish here.

Once again, thanks to Gyre Viper for getting these out in the open and giving back to the community.  Hopefully these images spurn some good, healthy discussion and discourse and prepare us for more of what’s to come.

I’m starting off slow, with just Kamakura right now, but will ramp up over the next few days, bringing you guys all six figures in the two upcoming 3-Packs.  Of course this also means the launch of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page.  Click there, or just click the link directly below to check out this exciting first look!

Five Page Previews for IDW G.I. Joe releases for February 29th

No, not just one…not just two…  but three IDW G.I. Joe books are hitting this Wednesday!  Granted, one of them is a reprint of the classic Yearbooks, but hell yeah.  Still awesome.  Check out the various 5-Page Previews below!

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G.I. Joe 2: Movie Prequel #2

John Barber (w) • Salvador Navarro (a & c)

The origin of Roadblock! While Roadblock is in a deadly race against time to rescue a childhood friend from the clutches of the enemy, we learn the secrets that shaped the Joe’s heavy ordinance officer. Meanwhile—Snake Eyes is in hot pursuit, and he’s not taking any prisoners.

*Retailers: See your order form for incentive information.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers:

Variant black & white Salvador Navarro cover!


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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Annual #1

Larry Hama (w) • Ron Frenz, Ron Wagner, Herb Trimpe, Sal Buscema (a) • Ron Frenz & Sal Buscema, Larry Hama (c)

In this special 40-page story, G.I. Joe is on the trail of a rogue unit of Crimson Guardsmen. But the Joes aren’t the only ones hunting down the renegade threat: Zartan and his Dreadnoks have been sent by COBRA to handle the situation. This could get ugly for the Joes! Written by Larry Hama, drawn by three classic artists, and inked by the legendary Sal Buscema, this is a G.I. Joe story you can’t miss!

*Retailers: See your order form for incentive information.

FC • 48 pages • $7.99

*Variant covers:

Black & white Ron Frenz & Sal Buscema cover!


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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Yearbook Collection

I’ve misplaced the solicitation information, but IDW will be reprinting all of the old school Marvel series Yearbooks, which is awesome.  There were four them in total, and they were all pretty impressive stories and had some terrific art, to boot.  The Michael Golden Oktober Guard from Yearbook #2 pretty much redefined those characters.  Good stuff.