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What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition 08 – Significant Other and You

So, I can’t give a rundown on this particular episode, because I wasn’t part of the action this time around.  Toy Fair coverage and being on the road for work all week long took their toll, and I let the other guys handle the heavy lifting.  But it’s okay, they had a lot of help!

Joe Collecting and your significant other doesn’t have to be like oil and water.  In this special edition of WOJM, we enlist the services of 4 Joe collecting wives who are proof that it can be the perfect combination.  Join Chuck, Mike and Gary as they ask a group of questions that are common to most collectors in the online fandom.  How do you break the news that you are a Joe collector?  How do you talk your significant other to accompany you or allow you to go to JoeCon?  The ladies panel answer these questions and more in the first half of the show.  We also answer a letter from a reader of Justin’s site asking what is the best Joe media to introduce your significant other to the hobby.  We also get appearances from Chuck’s mom who reminds him to make sure he is wearing a new pair of clean undies since he is entertaining females for the evening and Consuela the Maid.  In the second half we play another edition of Stump Chuck as Chuck takes on the Ladies in Joe Trivia.  Listen as Joe passions, or lack there of erupt into a frustrated Chuck.  It’s OK Chuck, you continue to be a good sport and the ladies liked it, we know Herb did!

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What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition 07 – Two Words: Larry Hama

The man, the myth, the legend.  The guys from What’s on Joe Mind were lucky enough to spend about an hour talking with one of the fathers of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Larry Hama himself!

We talk about his great work on the current IDW Real American Hero title as well as his philosophy behind comics writing and just a 60 minute look into his mindset.

This special edition really requires no explanation.  We are joined by Marvel’s legendary GI Joe writer, Larry Hama.  We find out a lot in this interview.  What were the early difficulties in the IDW ARAH run?  What’s Larry’s dream job?  What does Larry mean when he calls GI Joe, Junior Woodchucks with guns?  What happens when Hasbro takes over the filecard creation process?  Why is writing a “toy book” the lowest of the low?  Why was three years the original magic number for Joe and other books like it?  How much of a risk was the USS Flagg playset?  We also talk about his upcoming Roll Out/Roll Call 3 and SDCC appearances and we even talk a little about Kwinn to boot.  Oh, and wait until you hear what he thinks (or doesn’t think) about Wraith and Helix.  It is a surprising and eye opening talk with the guy who authored a good part of our childhoods.  As a productions side note, please excuse the buzz in audio.  Larry has a deep but very soft voice so we had to crank up the audio to hear him clearly.  As for the other bad audio, well, let’s just say Justin won’t forget his headset again.  Thanks to Larry for joining us.  You can meet him next at Roll Out/Roll Call 3 in Southampton, UK March 10th and 11th!

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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 42 is Online Now!

Brian Truitt from USA Today and Director of Communications for Marvel Comics Arune Singh join the show to dive into the wonders of Toy Fair 2012 and break down the latest and greatest G.I. Joe news and information!

Arune gives us some great insight into the relationships between fan and company and enlightens us as to some challenges of comic book publishing, which also ties directly into toy production.  Plus he and Brian both geek out about some of Hasbro’s new toy offerings.  Check it out on our Podbean page, or listen via the embedded player below.


Its the post Toy Fair 2012 edition of WOJM. Justin fills us in with what he saw and with what he talked with Hasbro about. Also joining us are Arune Singh, the Director of Communications for Marvel Comics and Brian Truitt from USA Today. Arune and Brian hang out with us for the session and give their thoughts on Toy Fair and the line going forward into Retaliation. We answer some listener mail concerning Justin’s psychic insight into the movie and another letter from a listener who has concerns about the cut back in articulation. In the news, the obvious discussion was about Toy Fair, but they also covered the surprising television ratings of the network TV debut of The Rise of Cobra on the USA Network. Lastly we cover the news of Jim Sorenson’s Joe animation model book. Its an episode chalked full of opinion of Toy Fair, so don’t miss it! Apologies for Chuck’s Time/Warner issues.

Toy Fair Coverage

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Flag Points podcast episode 18 Featuring Flint Dille

The guys over at Flag Points are knocking it out of the park lately, and their latest episode is no exception.  Continuing to dive into the Sunbow era of G.I. Joe greatness, the crew at  Flag Points brings us a new episode and a great interview with G.I. Joe legend Flint Dille.  Mr. Dille served as a story editor, associate producer, and writer of the Sunbow G.I. Joe animated series, and played a huge role in constructing the universe that so many of us are fond of today.

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