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Reminder – Robert Atkins Custom Contest ends tomorrow GO VOTE!

Just wanted to post up a reminder…  Robert Atkins is still accepting votes for his Cobra Commander custom contest over on his Blogspot page!  There are a number of great suggestions there with something for everyone.

Modern era, o-ring, even 12″ formats are all represented, which is awesome.  Shame on you customizers for not bringing in a Sigma 6 version.  :shifty:

In all seriousness, the offerings are all great, Robert is an awesome guy (and an awesome artist) and even if you’re not going to vote, go check out the entries.

Hasbro posts pre Toy Fair Press Release – Nothing we don’t know for G.I. Joe

I wanted to make sure I had that caveat up in the title of the post.  It’s normal practice for Hasbro to have a press release shortly prior to their weekend Fan Event at Toy Fair, just so media outlets get an official notice of what to expect at the show.

Due to that release of images and information last week, there are no real additional details that are G.I. Joe related in this particular release, but just for the sake of being thorough, I’m posting it anyway.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything we haven’t seen already at Toy Fair…there very well may be.  Just nothing striking enough for Hasbro to mention in a public press release notification.  Click the Read The Rest of the Story link below for the full release.