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So about that G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club membership…

Things have been quiet from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club lately, which folks have noticed, especially when it comes to the FSS (Figure Subscription Service).  There are obviously some technical issues at work here, and hopefully we’ll get some information sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the Collectors’ Club has renewed their push for membership and has posted some reminders via Facebook and elsewhere that if you want the 2012 Membership figure, you have to make sure you either join or renew by March 16th!

Hopefully folks who have suffered from the great Dial Tone shortage of 2011 will have learned from the experience and they realize that the $42 annual membership is worth the figure as well as the newsletter.

Speaking of the newsletter…  maybe I’m alone, but I think it’s been on a pretty great upswing in recent months.  The Adventure Team bio’s have been very well written and have integrated extremely nicely into the Real American Hero universe with some very cool homages to characters like Doc and Snow Job.  The Adventure Team comic has also been a pretty impressive piece of story telling, with art by G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero legend Rod Whigham. How can you go wrong?

But to me, the best piece of the newsletter is the ongoing Real American Hero comic story.  I think Dave Lane, Jesse Wittenrich, and Dan Khanna are really doing something fun with the comics.  This past issue began a “Footloose” storyline that had some fantastic cameos by the Night Stalkers, Hotwire, the Black Dragon helicopter and the Steel Brigade!  For folks who are jonesin to see their Pursuit of Cobra era figures in comic book form, this is what you’re looking for!  It certainly doesn’t hurt that it looks like they may possibly be touching on the whole Zombie Viper storyline…something Hasbro really should have better explored.  It also picks up on some loose ends from past convention comics, specifically the 2010 Vacation in the Shadows one!  Good stuff.

I think folks who have been sitting on the fence should get off that fence and consider signing up.  If not just for Footloose (which is a good enough reason itself) but also for the improving newsletter as well. Not even to mention the upcoming Figure Subscription Service… I think you’ll find the $42 well worth the cost.  You can check for sign up details.

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G.I. Joe: Renegades vs. G.I. Joe: Resolute – a comparative essay

My only regret about the following article is that Monte didn’t write it for me.  😀

In all seriousness, ever since G.I. Joe: Renegades appeared comparisons have been rampant (unfair as they might be) between Resolute and Renegades.  Which was better?  Really thinking about it, the comparisons are ridiculous, considering they were both designed for completely different purposes and entirely separate audiences…how can an episodic animated series written for 7 – 10 year olds be realistically compared to a high-octane 60 minute superficial feature designed to resonate with the violent tendencies of 30-something year old fanboys?  Seems like a ludicrous comparison to make, but many folks made it, just the same.

Think about it for a minute…would you expect the syndicated Robocop cartoon to match the visceral brutality of the R-rated film?  Of course not.  It’s for kids.  I think the same can be said of Renegades.

Still, the comparisons are out there, and they will be made endlessly, so I might as well put some focus on one of the better thought out ones I’ve read.  Monte Williams, big friend of GeneralsJoes has decided to have his say, and it’s a fantastic one.  Eloquent as always, well research and well written, you can check it out on Autobotic Asphyxiation.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that I agree with him.  Another nice one, Monte, thanks for sharing.

G.I. Joe Solicitations from IDW Publishing for April, 2012

Here we have the IDW Publishing solicitations for April, 2012 featuring the “devastating aftermath” from Cobra Command as well as new installments in the Real American Hero universe, and another issue of the pretty cool looking G.I. Joe: Retaliation film prequel series.

Sounds like some intense events happening in the next couple of months, and as I’m getting more and more drawn into the IDW universe I can’t wait to see how things progress.

Click the Read the Rest of this Entry link below for all of the potential spoilery details.  In fact, no potential about it… there are BIG spoilers below, so read at your own risk.