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GeneralsJoes,, and Terror Drome team for “Best of” 2011

Frustration from the glut of merchandise clogging retail pegs and blocking the release of subsequent waves of highly-anticipated figures seemed to be the theme of 2011. When new G.I. Joe figures finally made their way into our collections, the countless accessories, innovations in articulation, and intricately-detailed sculpts made the class of 2011 among the best we’ve ever seen in the 25th Anniversary-style era. Hasbro surprised with the release of the Sky Striker as part of the 30th Anniversary line, disappointed with the cancellation of the G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series, and energized with the trailer for the live-action movie sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Not to be outdone, licensees such as IDW Publishing and Sideshow Collectibles continued to impress with their offerings of G.I. Joe merchandise, an indication of the strength of the G.I. Joe brand. In retrospect of 2011, A Real American Hero, Generals Joes and The Terror Drome team up to bring you the best of G.I. Joe 2011.

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Fwooshcast Year in Review Podcast features What’s on Joe Mind flavor!

Yes, we’re two weeks into 2012 and the “Best Of” 2011 lists are still going strong!  The latest one is courtesy of the Fwooshcast, a personal favorite podcast of mine, mostly because of one of the hosts Craig, who I have known for years, and who guest hosted on What’s on Joe Mind for a number of weeks.

So obviously, when he asked us to submit something for their 2011 “Year in Review” episode, we didn’t hesitate to comply.

Check out the latest episode of the Fwooshcast right here!

Channing Tatum opens up about the idea of a G.I. Joe “reboot”

While we all agree that G.I. Joe: Retaliation is, at best, a “soft reboot” of the G.I. Joe motion picture franchise, it turns out that at least one star of the previous film seems to think that a full reboot might have been preferable.  Over at HitFix, Drew McWeeny talks to Channing Tatum about the G.I. Joe: Retaliation and what his hopes are for the second film.  It’s a short clip, but Tatum seems for the idea of a “full reboot”.  Check out the video below.

Interesting.  It’s a short video, but I think it speaks volumes.  Channing Tatum wishes for a “cleaner” second film, and does not once deny what Drew McWeeny calls a “hand off” to a new cast of characters.  I might be looking too much into it, but that sure sounds to me like he is moving on from the G.I. Joe franchise, and might confirm some of our questions the trailer brought up.

Interesting.  Check out HitFix for the original source, and big thanks to GeneralsJoes reader Curtis for the heads up!