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More images from the Hasbro G.I. Joe Presentation Slideshow

With a big thanks to The Terror Drome who clued me in to the fact that Hasbro had included the presentation slides with their images they sent along yesterday, and I just never dug deep enough!  Apologies all around.
Below are the images from Hasbro’s Joe presentation, which gives the assortment lowdowns, the release dates, and some press images that have not yet been revealed.  Two headed Renegades Cobra Commander FTW!  😉

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Wi Fi problems, site issues and lessons learned

So generally Toy Fair coverage goes very smoothly for me.  This year, not so much.
From Grand Central Station removing their free Wi-Fi access, to page load increases screwing up my page formatting, things were a little wonky this year.  Rest assured, this will not be a trend.  I’ve already talked to my webhost about increasing resources there, and I’ve got a second battery on order for the Droid, so next time around, even if I can’t find Wi-Fi I can at least use the tether (I couldn’t this year until I’d let the phone charge for about an hour).
So, hopefully you’ve enjoyed the coverage, I apologize for the slight bumps in the road this year…things will be better next year when I’m covering in celebration of Renegades Season 2, the 30th Anniversary, and the the returning global phenomenon of G.I. Joe.  :shifty:
Seriously, thanks to everyone for continuing to check the page.  All of the coverage can be found here, and the SuperPage is right here.
Yo Joe!

Before I start the trek home… more detailed images of Zarana

Man… Toy Fair day can be such a blur that sometimes you miss the important details.  I got some shots of Zarana, for sure, but a huge thanks to Augie Pires for passing along these shots that his brother took on site at the show yesterday, including a shot of the Zarana variant’s back.  Her “Cold Slither” band t-shirt has the town names on it.
So, so cool.  I need these figures.  Both of them.  If they can’t make SDCC, I seriously hope Hasbro finds a way to include BOTH of them in the regular assortments.  I hated the Zarana figure as a kid, these are two Zarana I can be proud of.
Well, if a toy of a girl with a torn shirt and exposed midrif is something anyone can be proud of, anyway…  Thanks again to Augie for passing these along, and to Anibal for taking the pics!  You guys rock.

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