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G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 11 added to episode guide

Another late Friday night…but hey, I’m married with a couple of kids and I’m a toy nerd, it’s not like I’ve got a hot date or anything.
G.I. Joe: Renegades picks up steam once again tonight, thrusting us right back into the thick of the Joe and Cobra conflict!  And we also just might get a glimpse of an important player on the Cobra side… or two.
Check out the Episode Guide, or hit up the Episode 11 entry itself right here.

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 12 Promo Online

It must be Friday night…otherwise known as “Renegades-Mania” in the GeneralsJoes household!
I’m currently plugging away at the episode review for Enemy of my Enemy, but while working on that, I managed to grab the full screen promo for Episode 12 as well!  Plenty of Firefly action to behold.  Check out the embedded video below!

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 12 Promo Online

GeneralsJoes reviews IDW G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #162

The fan world was abuzz when this continuation of the Marvel universe was announced, but I know for my own part, I was getting pretty muddled in the brainwave scanner morasse, the crazed artwork was starting to wear on me, and while I appreciate the 90’s era for what it was, I think most folks were hoping for an extension of the earlier decade.  Truth be told, we haven’t had Joe stories of that type for a long while, so that was a stretch to begin with…and the first several issues certainly didn’t help.
But then came issue #161.  While the brainwashing angle was certainly still lingering, the artwork was much cleaner and crisper, the writing took a decidedly more military angle, and things were immediately looking up.  Of course, I was concerned that this was the exception, and not the rule…  what would issue #162 bring?  Check out my review after the jump to find out.

Sideshow debuts Recovery at the Serpent Temple diorama

We just found out about the incredibly awesome looking Stalker, and now we’ve got a new diorama environment to drool over.  Coming this year from Sideshow Collectibles and perfect for your jungle themed Joes like Stalker and Beachhead, set them up in this “Recovery at the Serpent Temple”!
Check out the preview image below, and Sideshow promises to reveal more information in the production blog on February 8th.  Check out the page right here.

* New GI JOE, Marvel assortments + more *

* * * * * * * * * [ SMALLJOES.COM NEWSLETTER ] * * * * * * * * * *
Lots of news and new products and pre-orders to tell you about!
Hasbro has announced not one but two new Pursuit of Cobra GI JOE figure
assortments for release in April!  No pictures are available yet although
it is likely that something revealed at Toy Fair in a few weeks.
Pre-orders are now available for the following:
Wave 5 (wave 3 2011):
General Hawk, Blowtorch, Steel Brigade, Cobra-The Enemy, Cobra Commander,
and Jungle B.A.T.  The set of six is $41.99.
Wave 6 (wave 4 2011):
Snake-Eyes (temple guardian), Croc Master, Iron Grenadier, Rock-Viper, Viper,
and Crazylegs.  The set of six is $41.99.
The lastest GI JOE comic books from the GI JOE: Cobra, Origins, Real
American Hero, and main series are available with several new books having
been released so far this year: