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SK Omega News, some bad, a LOT good

I’ve seen a lot of fandom speculation about the fate of the much talked about SK Omega line from Molten Monkey International…well, courtesy of Gyre-Viper at, the SK Omega folks have revealed that unfortunately they will not be in attendance at Toy Fair this year.
HOWEVER…  and it’s a big however… that does not mean production has slowed, stopped, or that anything is  getting in their way.  Quite the opposite!  Instead of relying on industry events, they are planning to push up the launch of their website and start featuring product images ASAP.  This is nothing but good news!
Check out the full text of Gyre Viper’s update below:
Due to some rather untimely scheduling conflicts, SK Omega will not be attending Toy Fare as originally planned. HOWEVER, this has given them cause to punch their website into full gear, sooner than later, AND has ignited the possible approach… where they have now considered, revealing new product outside of and in between industry and fan conventions on their website. That’s not to say they won’t be attending said events, just that they do not necessarily want to rely on said events to put forth what they are working on for future release. So while it is unfortunate that they will not be at Toy Fare this year, they are trying very hard to have the site up and running in full capacity BEFORE Toy Fare in a couple weeks. The site WILL feature 3D product images.
I repeat… the site WILL feature 3D product images.
So let’s recap:
-SKO will not be at Toy Fare
-The website will be up and running (hopefully sooner than later)
-The website will feature 3D product images
-SKO is not canceled
Watch This Space Molten Monkey International

Sunbow Awesomeness courtesy of new G.I. Joe fansite

Well, the site is new, but the guy behind it has been around for a long while.  David Thornton was the brains behind Quick Kick’s Theatre, one of the classic Joe sites from a bygone era, focusing attention on the Sunbow animated series.  He migrated to, but then took a little break from the online Joe community for a bit to focus on other ventures.
Well, Mr. Thornton has jumped back into the Joe community with a splash, launching a fantastic site at!
As part of this new series launch, we get an awesome glimpse at a storyboard for an unused opening for the second season of the Sunbow animated series!  A fantastic glimpse into the production process.  Check that out right here.
Very cool, and a site worth bookmarking.  Check back often.

Latest G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra pre-orders at Entertainment Earth!

I know I talked about it a little yesterday, but here are some direct links to pre-orders for those April Waves of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra!
Order G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Action Figures Wave 5 Set from Entertainment Earth!
Order G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Action Figures Wave 6 Set from Entertainment Earth!
Order G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Action Figures Wave 5 from Entertainment Earth!
Order G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Action Figures Wave 6 from Entertainment Earth!
The troop builders are already going fast, so don’t miss out!