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Rise of Cobra "Sand Serpent" Night Raven repaint dead? Not so fast, my friend…

Wow.  The hits just keep on coming for Ross stores…  on the heels of the surprising find of the believed to be canceled Wave 3 Target Exclusives, Phil, a contributor for has stumbled upon something even more shocking.
The Night Raven repaint revealed at SDCC in 2009, labeled as the “Sand Serpent”!  Like the Target Exclusives, Hasbro reported this item as being canceled, but again like the Target Exclusives, Ross begs to differ.
Purchased for an astounding $15.99, here’s yet another thing to send Joefans scrambling…either for their nearest Ross store, or for their nearest buddy who might live NEAR a Ross Store.  Kudos to Phil for finding this!

Addendums to the latest PoC Wave 4 Reviews

I’ve received some corrected information in regards to my Wave 4 Pursuit of Cobra reviews from various different sources, so I just wanted to say “thanks”! and point out the added info.
In my review of the Wave 4 Low Light I indicated that he had new arms.  This is NOT the case.  His arms are, by and large, the arms from the PoC Jungle-Viper, but the forearm pegs of the Jungle Viper have been replaced by new forearm pads with the smooth texture.
Also, I received some complaints about the lack of a goggled picture of Low Light, which for some reason I forgot to include in the review.  Well, it’s now been posted, so check out the review again, or just check out the image below.