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GeneralsJoes ubiquitous "10 Best G.I. Joe toys of 2010" List

You know, looking back at 2010, it was a pretty paltry year for G.I. Joe, quantity wise.  When you think back 12 months to the end of 2009, we had been absolutely inundated with toys, essentially from July straight through to December, non stop.  It was crazy.  Then 2010 hit, and there was a sudden lapse in the beginning of the year…a miniature flood of product in the middle of the year, then another short lapse, and we’re now in another mini flood.  It seemed to come in bursts.
However, unlike 2009 where we got absolutely drowned in product, yet much of it was the same sort of stuff regurgitated ad nauseum, 2010 gave us much smaller quantity, but a far better quality of toys.  The Pursuit of Cobra hit and hit hard, and made a LOT of Joe fans forget all about their misery over the end of the 25th Anniversary line a year ago.
So, wading through this list of toys, I decided to take some time to pick my ten favorites, which are very likely NOT your ten favorites, but hey, that’s what gets discussions started, right?
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