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Low-Light is real…and he's spectacular

Man…  just when I’m starting to get over the awe of the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 3 Snake Eyes, and the guys over at ACToys go ahead and post a run of images for the upcoming Wave 4 Low-Light.
How the hell do the Hasbro designers do it?  Especially the Joe designers?  They are in a league all by themselves…with respect to other Hasbro properties, and maybe I’m biased, but it even seems compared to stuff like Marvel Universe and Star Wars, the G.I. Joe line is just blowing the doors off with the level of sculpting, detail, and accessories built into nearly every figure.  I’m damn near speechless, and anyone who knows me knows that doesn’t happen often.
Check out the original thread right here, and the mirrored images below.

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Thanks to The Terror Drome for the info!

GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe RAH #161

Yesterday was a somewhat rough day for reviews…  with the Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow, I was pretty disappointed in the entire package.  I thought maybe diving into Hama’s normally fun Real American Hero series might end the day on a high note.  Unfortunately, I felt pretty underwhelmed about Issue #160 of that series as well.
Not willing to accept defeat that easily, I decided to jump right into Issue #161 of the Real American Hero title, as I was pretty impressed by what I saw in the 5-page preview.  You know what?  I’m really glad that I did.  The last issue left a bad taste in my mouth, but the series redeemed itself in a very big way with issue #161, and I hope this is the start of a new trend and not simply an exception to the rule.
You can read the entire spoiler-rich review by clicking the Read the Rest of this Entry link below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Wave 3 Snake Eyes

Okay…yesterday’s review of Storm  Shadow was painful for all of us…I just couldn’t let that be the only review of Wave 3 Pursuit of  Cobra figures for any longer than absolutely necessary.  I figured I started with one extreme yesterday, so I’d plunge right into the other extreme here.
It’s unfathomable to me that this figure and Storm Shadow are even part of the same toyline, not to mention the same exact WAVE of figures.  Unbelievable.
Anyway, check out the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or click the link below to check out the review.